Here one of several things aka problems that injections to poured wall cracks don't fix

… they don’t stop the water from entering anything like this – WHY did they leave it open? Been open a lot longer than when the stupid injection AND interior basement system $$$$ was installed, don’t they know, don’t they care? lollll morons galore on this subject

How does Bubba know those remaining gaps were PART of the problem? lol duhhhhh
Because the basement, this area kept leaking after they had the injection and scam-ball interior draiage system installed AND, i ran a water test with a hose BELOW these openings – against the crack, NO water THEN i ran the stupid azz water against these gaps, water entered in 5 seconds. BUTT lol THEY R ‘THE’ honest experts huh? Get outta Dodge man, scammers.

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