All new members must hold a dipolma in home inspection?

Shuold every inspector holds a diploma in home inspection prior to join any one of the home inspection association?

YES !!!


NO! Half of them are worthless anyway.

Establish a criteria that each and every school must follow, besides just teaching how to pass the NHIE and I’d agree.

Hell, right now I’d settle for every HI to be able to write at the 8th grade level.

Don’t know how bad it is? Just visit some of the web sites and read the garbage they put in their sample report.

Definatly yes
Send me $20:00 us Money ( No cheques) and I need your full name and address and I might get the Diploma back to you in a few days .
If enough apply you will have to wait till I get back from Bermuda to send them out .
Please apply soon I would like to have a warm christmas .

33 Days to go 88 for NASCAR

Roy Cooke

I’ll send a diploma for $19.95, or two for $18 each.

Paypal is my preferred payment method.

Nice GUY undercutting my price .
Ours are the best they have gold trim and gold writing and personaly signed by the Queen of our Home Char Cooke
Sorry you do not have MY CHAR.

Not necessarily. You can wait until you have completed your degree or diploma program *before *joining an association, but there are usually benefits to belonging to an association while pursuing your degree. For instance, you can often get a reduced fee on the courses.

Or, as others have pointed out, some organizations will sell you a “certificate” online for anywhere from $20.00 to $289.00, no experience or education required.


Just like a 8 tract around we go .
Norm said nothing before and I think we can get more of the same .
Norm is Just like Dave Bottoms can not stay away.
Same amount of intelegence .
Norm are you also 8 years in the business and trying to become a home inspector.
Norm have you been know to ever tell the truth or have you forgot how to be truthfull.
Roy Cooke here comes the BULL S hit again I expect he had lots before .

Roy Cooke

I’ll send a diploma for $19.95, or two for $18 each.

**Paypal is my preferred payment method./**quote]

Psst! Psst! Hey, buddy…over here behind the street light…yeah…ya’ wanna HI diploma?..**cash only…**here ya’ go, Pally–thanks.:stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

Cash $9.99

Sample attached.

What the hell are you going on about now? I was AGREEING with you, idiot! :roll::roll::roll:

Norm ](*,)

Norm is still his nice polite self.

How would you feel to have him give a speech just before Mr. Mike Holmes at the CAHPI Conference this week end .
This is the Same Mike Homes who Dave bottoms said he would not even
p ISS on him, Great Talk from the editor of the CAHPI official news Letter.

A very small amount of the CAHPI members want NACHI to go away and they like to sneak into our BB and post much dribble.
Fortunately many more CAHPI members see how great this BB and its members are and continue to help NACHI grow In Canada.
To bad you and your few air heads do not see how we all should get along.
Disagreement and discusion is great but you and your type just can not see any advantage in talking common sense.
Enjoy your self at the Conference .
Be smart do not tell any one that you use a phony name to go with your silly posts.

33 Days


In true NACHI spirit, I’ve decided to become a vendor, but I want to be a vendor to the vendors. I will sell plain white paper to anyone providing diplomas to Home Inspectors. This is a limited offer. I will only provide paper to one diploma mill per zip code.

Contact me for advance orders. I’ll go to Staples on Friday.

Why you keep bringing up Dave Bottoms is beyond me, but I do find it entertaining. Next you’ll have him dating Mike Holmes. :lol:

You got a bad case of PMS today, Roy? Your replying to posts that weren’t even addressed to you. There’s GOT to be a woman on here somewhere you can call a vindictive bitch, isn’t there? :oops::oops::oops: :roll:

Things have been peaceful the past few days, Roy. How about you stop trying to reduce this thread into another one of your hissy fits.

Nick should change the name of this section from “Canadian Inspectors” to “Romper Room Gone Wild!” \:D/:lol:

Norm :wink:

Gee Norm you did not stay nice for very long you make one sensible post then go and fall apart.
You forget what you say and go back and make changes on both your last posts.
I guess we must say how sorry we are that you seem to be loosing you ability to communicate.
Hope you are going to the conference I expect you will be surprised at what you hear and learn.

Roy Cooke Glad we have NACHI in Canada its the greatest

Romper Room Roy,
At least I’m not calling any women vindictive bitches. :wink:


Sorry Norm it is to bad you do not practice honesty .
I call them the way I see them .
Was I wrong to say it so strong yes .
Was I right to post it I say it yes but with out the foul word.
Just maybe you have no support to have red square.
and I have some support to have a green square.
You are so strange it is one rule for you and a different rule for others . example you bring up my past posts from a long time ago and it is OK.
I bring up a post from Dave Bottoms from earlier this month and it is wrong.
You and your friends and the CAHPI Attitude is what is holding the Home Inspectors all across Canada from getting along .
You are even afraid to post your own Name for fear some of the smart CAHPI members might tell you how archaic you are .
I see you still have trouble with your post’s two tries for each is not bad Keep up the good work
Roy Cooke Glad to be a member where all HIs help all HIs

Romper Room Roy,
Bring up Dave Bottoms all you want, or Gil Strachan for that matter. No sweat off my back.

Now, as desperate as you are to hijack this thread and turn it into your own little Romper Room, like you have done so many others,
lets get back to the topic at hand. Here, I’ll repost it for you so you can clearly see it has nothing to do with you, you senile egomaniac. :roll:

There, you think you can handle not being the center of attention for at least ONE thread, Romper Room Roy? :roll:

Norm \:D/:lol:

Wow! you are just as wierd as all your friends .
You try and turn it around and say I am trying to hijack this thread and we both know it is you who came and jumped into our home.
You realy are getting tired. I guess you need some more honey .
Try telling the truth it makes life easier
Sleep tight do not let the bugs bite . Roy Cooke

Romper Room Roy,
I replied to the guy’s question in a reasonable manner, without mentioning your name. You then attacked me and started another big Romper Room fiasco. That’s what happened and anyone who thinks otherwise can go to the start of the thread and see it for themselves.

Now go back to sleep, Roy, no one cares. :roll: Can we PLEASE return to the topic at hand?