Carson Dunlop for Al berta Inspectors

I spoke to CD yesterday as well as the director. As long as the final exam is proctured you do not need to take it through SAIT. You can buy the course online through CD and they will help you find a place to take the final exam. The cost for the proctured exam is between $50 and $100 dollars and the course is $3495. A savings of $2500.00!! Since I want to get all this crap behind me that is the way i am going. Let me know if you are interested as they are offering 10% off if I refer someone.
As of right now we are all in the same boat so I was thinking if we all refer someone that we know will take the course then we can all get the savings. Just not sure how we could set it up so it is fair for everyone.:D:shock:

I had a 1.5 hour meeting with Alberta government on Friday and I’m pleased to report that our courses should be approved within 2-3 weeks. I’m also convinced that this approval will include any portion of our curriculum that you’ve already taken.

You will have to take a proctored exam which we will offer upon receiving formal approval.

That would be better, does it include in class and ride along or is it all online? What would the cost be? I need to keep all my options open and with the cd course already being approved I am a little apprehensive. Like I said, I want to get this behind me as quick as possible. Any information would be appreciated.

Sounds good Nick, I should hope the 212 hours of Inachi courses I have completed will be recognized, took me about 500 hours of study and did not take them for granted, I believe present INACHI members who have been conscientious and have actually taken the courses should receive credit, bring on the proctored exam, I believe in proctored exams in a profession , I still don`t understand when the licensing was first brought up, that the option of a challenged HI exam was not offered, anyways , as Greg mentioned , waiting for all the pieces to fall together and make some decisions . I have an investment in INACHI and CD education at this point . if Inachi is in then great , if not, finish CD for full license ,thanks for the work Nick.

Greg , we already have the Inachi courses (online) ,hundreds of hours, I assume that is what they are requesting approval on ,packaged the way the government has requested , with the addition of a proctored exam the courses are as official as CD, or at least they should be .

Yah i know but I want to get started on something so I am not behind the 8-ball. I have 168 hours into Inachi now and would love to use those hours. I guess I am a liitle worried that we may not get approved and I have wasted 3 weeks when I could have been taking another course. If I knew a little more aout it maybe I would feel better.

To Greg, I know where your coming from, your hours should count, credit, deadlines are coming and the meetings are beginning, hard to make decisions.they should do what BC did in the early stages and allow a proctored challenge exam, its only fair. seeing as the industry was already established and up and running, those that passed, great, those that didnt, they recommended an approved course.


If you have the 25 paid inspections & a “Test Inspection” you will get a conditional license & then have 2 years to complete your education.
As pointed out by member, to a question from me, on another thread, you will become a “full” inspector after you have gained the required eduction.
At this time two organizations are approved, you know their names.
Take in the sun & wait a few weeks until InterNACHI has exhausted all options concerning their standards.

That is exactly what i am doing. I just want to get the education part this behind me. If I wanted to I could jump ship and get my RHI but I feel they are justa cash cow that I don’t want to pay in too. JMO


Don’t make a hasty decision.

It’s obvious that Service Alberta is reviewing more options. (eg: they recently approved Inspect4U for education)

I predict that a third and maybe a fourth certification option besides the RHI and CMI will be approved and available very, very soon.

Bill Mullen

Bill Mullen is correct. More approved options coming.

The application for course approvals was only released by the government 9 days ago… and it is 56 pages long!

I ordered the course the other day, I feel I need to be proactive. I feel that the Inachi courses are far superior to the CD course but was very dissapointed to here that they were never submitted for approval. Upon hearing this I applied. Gotta say Nick, I was really hurt and dissapointed in you to hear this. You should have be upfront about pushing the I4U course and not Inachi. There are a hundered excuses and most are valid points, but the bottom line is you could have handled this differently.

Whoever told you that we didn’t submit our courses for approval is very mistaken. We submitted the InterNACHI courses for approval several times over the past 4 years. We even gave the recently-hired government consultant a member username and password so that he can take each course, which he did. That’s how, in part, Inspect4U, which uses InterNACHI training material, got approved. I think you meant to say that we didn’t submit the application for approval.

I can’t figure out what your complaint is. You’re just going to have to spit it out concisely.

And I Quote"
I’m pleased to report that our courses should be formally approved within 2-3 weeks. You will have to take a proctored exam which we will offer upon receiving formal approval."
I am not here to mince words with you Nick, this is what it is. To me and many others this statment reflected exactly what it said.

That’s what they told us. Is there a problem with that? I think the Alberta government is moving along quite well. Licensing was only announced as going into effect a couple months ago and they already hired an education consultant, reviewed our courses, approved an InterNACHI-friendly school, and produced a very lengthy application. My hat is off to them. They’re working pretty fast IMHO.

So you are complaining that they are too slow? Explain your complaint concisely, because I’m not understanding it.

This is the way I see it and speaking with others in Alberta they feel feel that the same. First you tell us that it is only a matter of time before Inachi is formally aproved and then later in the thread you tell us I4U is approved and you will not be submitting. You made it sound like everything was in plac

InterNACHI will not be applying as we already succeeded in obtaining plenty of avenues for our members in Canada to get a license:

  • CanNACHI was originally set up for the purpose of acquiring approval in BC. It succeeded.
  • MICB (CMI) sought more than just approval in Alberta, it sought to have all CMIs grandfathered in Alberta. It succeeded.
  • CCHI, run by InterNACHI members, sought to get our members conditional licenses in Alberta. It succeeded.
  • Inspect4U, using InterNACHI’s curriculum and courses, sought to have its training approved. It succeeded.

This looks like you lied to us. I understand why InterNACHI is not applling. Iunderstand that I4U is a siter of Inachi. I get all of it. What I don’t get is the way you started a thread just after I started this one stating formal approval in a few weeks. Feels like a hidden agenda to me. Keep me and others from applling to CD so they can take I4U instead. It will cost me more to take the I4U once you include travel, hotel and lost revenue as I live in a place where it will not be offered.

Can you refer me to the post (use an exact thread and post #) where I said we were not going to apply? Post # 80
If you are going to apply why did you say this???


You are again mixing apples and oranges (schools and courses). If you want to attend an approved school that provides proctored exams (required) and uses InterNACHI’s courses and training material, there aren’t a lot of choices. I recommend Inspect4U.