Canadian Academy of Certified Home Inspectors.

Sounds good Nick but how many hours will it be for new Inspectors? Is this the same as the CCHI format?
It says those out of Ontario will not need to do the Proctored Exam.
Is this because of travel time?
$1000.00 plus 6 months InterNachi membership. AWESOME!!!

The students out of Ontario will still be required to do the exam, but theirs is online instead of witnessed. They can’t get in THAT easily! Lol;-)

It still can be witnessed anywhere as this is offered at all Colleges. What this tells me is it will not be offered online. Sounds kind of strange to me.
How many hours for this course?

I hope this is an error 40 hrs and Proctored Exam.

You’ll have to ask them.

I checked Nick! 40 hrs+Proctored Exam+10 Inspections.
It says you can receive a** Diploma** you can be proud of to hang on your wall.
I would think it is best that they remove this from the website ASAP.
To call them CERTIFIED also is totally wrong.
Over 200+hrs and 25 real Inspections mentored by a CMI or RHI is acceptable but not this.

LMAO…it won’t change. Get used to it!

It’s not InterNACHI Russell.

Whoever it is. Whenever and whoever starts something for the “Home Inspection Industry”, they always feed at the bottom. The entice with the easy requirements, the simple way to get the “diploma” and the cost is nice and cheap.

There is no pride in the profession and many who conduct “schools” like this. Its entire purpose is to get as many into the easy profession that makes a decent living.

It will never change. And Nick, I heard way to much of “I got a piece of that”, to think your hand is not somewhere in there.

LMAO…look under certification. It has 3 paragraphs about…wait…wait…INACHI!

I knew you were involved in it. Always are and always will be…thats jsut the way it is.

Yep… I want their graduates to apply for membership in InterNACHI.

A guy or gal who pays 4 figures to take a classroom course and passes a proctored exam… sounds like my kind of applicant.

NACHI, iNACHI, ACHI, CanNACHI, OntarioACHI, CMI, CHI, AIC, CCHI, AlbertaNACHI, and now CACHI… c’mon, be serious.

Wait now…they ALL don’t have to take a proctored exam!

Well at least now Canada will feel the NACHI love. One week of school a test and a $1,000! Now your ready to go ascertain peoples HOUSES.

Like I said, your fingerprints are all over that school and it is blantantly obvious. But it is what it is, and life goes on.

Marcel, aren’t you forgetting one? LOL

Actually he is missing 3 LOL but we are not offering any education past what Alberta is doing. We will have to structure the Energy and Part 9 of the OBC though to be accepted in Ontario.

MCIQ…lol, alphabet soup.


Ok kids, let’s get this straight. The course is over 200 hours of training offered in 2 ways.

  1. InClass & Home Studies+ Mock Inspections
  2. Correspondance + Mock Inspections

The final exam is being set up as a timed online exam but as of now it is witnessed.

InClass still requires hours of home studies in between the 4 10 hour classes. For any inspectors that have utilized internachi’s online training, then you may not speak. The course is NOT easy. It is for those with experience that do not want to waste years and thousands of dollars at colleges in Canada that soak you of your money and offer no classroom training, mock inspections or guidance.

We are all inspectors. Let’s put our ego’s away and realize that other people out there might be as smart as we are and they may be able to do the same job too!

Well although I understand you wanting to be the most. But how do you know who has experience and who doesn’t? So your saying four 10 hour classes is what you need to become a home inspector?

You saying that if I am against this, then its my ego?

Well I tend to disagree with you and for a guy who is wanting to promote the best the industry has to offer, I would read the code of ethics and really read #6.

The InterNACHI member shall have no undisclosed conflict of interest with the client, nor shall the InterNACHI member accept or offer any undisclosed commissions, rebates, profits or other benefit, nor shall the InterNACHI member accept or offer any disclosed or undisclosed commissions, rebates, profits or other benefit from real estate agents, brokers or any third parties having financial interest in the sale of the property, nor shall the InterNACHI member offer or provide any disclosed or undisclosed financial compensation directly or indirectly to any real estate agent, real estate broker or real estate company for referrals or for inclusion on lists of preferred and/or affiliated inspectors or inspection companies.

From Home Inspector Code of Ethics - InterNACHI InterNACHI Code of Ethics

and then read your website…let me know what you think.