All steel or Aluminum Costruction

First inspection on all all steel or Alluminum residential construction. Trusses, beams, joist, studs. 1996. Pros and cons? Things look good. This is actually for my daughter. Will this affect the value?

Ask an Appraiser.


there are numerous developments around me that i’ve inspected that are light gauge steel framed
i’ve not heard of alluminum or aluminum used for framing members
plz post pix so others can learn

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living in a steel town , Years ago they created an all steel neighborhood…I have never inspected what would be a pretty old house now but years ago as a contractor I worked in one or two,they were pretty nice houses, problems were more with rust and corrosion than rot and mildew…but these were not new houses…

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c’mon dude @ ur age
u know there’s so much more 2 disclose


speaking of old age experience I bow to Your ancient wisdom…

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