Alternate Buy Back logo: "InterNACHI Will Buy Your Home" available.

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Geez where are all the nay Sayers at cat must have their tongue :wink:

I never really voiced my opinion and I know some realtors and clients told me to be careful so this along with the logo kept me on the sidelines but now I really need to rethink this. Lawyers can turn words around to suit them, this logo is much better and I know others have said they are on board but would not use the original logo.

I look at it this way. InterNachi is one big family that looks after each other. When it says We’ll I think it brings credit that given the same set of circumstances you would take care of your Clients.

I was one of the very first to sign up I look for the big picture not what someone else thinks or don’t think. I make my own decisions based on my ability to perform a inspection, never worried about someone suing me and really this buy back is about the ability of the home inspectors to perform. If one is worried about their ability to perform a inspection without being sued this buy back program should be considered as not for you. I have said it before and I say again its optional and it only takes 90 days to be removed from it

I agree with you Charlie about ones ability and I am not worried about mine. I know you were one of the first but I have always been one to stand back a minute and then go or not and that’s just me. I really was just trying to get a feel from others outside the MB here and I just did not like the original logo so it made me slow up even more. I will be considering it pretty hard now.

I can respect that in someone else its just not me I will charge Hell with a bucket of water. BTW I personally have had no negative about this program outside of this BB Clients or Realtors

I can respect that of you I wish I could be more like that sometimes and other times I am glad I am not :D:D