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What is the position on using Aluminum wiring, pigtailing and the use of CO/ARL receptacles. (ok so I can’t spell)

Also, how do report Stab loc boxes and do you open them?

Has anyone had any problems in this area, or can off opinion.

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Aluminum wiring is a much talked about and often debated issue. When aluminum wiring is used, I recommend contacting an electrician for further evaluation. I do this because I don't have time to check every pigtail, switch and receptacle to verify they are listed for use with aluminum wiring. Much of the controversy over aluminum wiring is using products that are rated for their use, if they are not they have a tendency to cause fires.

I use a screwdriver to open the FP stab LoC panels. While it is very seldom that I recommend replacement, I do always suggest a follow up with an electrician that is familiar with the problems associated with these panels. In the case that I would recommend replacement, it would be followed by several observation that I made which rendered the panel unsafe, such as arcing, burn marks on the buss, melted insulation, melted or disfigured breakers, overcrowding and/or overloading of the panel.

Many inspectors, like Jerry P, just flat out recommend replacement. There is much negative information about this product and I consider the option to recommend replacement a personal choice that each individual inspection has to make for themselves.

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Aluminum Wiring is tricky, because of the special stuff that an electrician has to do with it while hokking it up in the panel, and the special sockets etc that need to be used with it, because of the fact that it corrodes and will begine to arc etc.

If you see aluminum wiring, ALWAYS advise that a licensed electrican be brought in to evaluate it.

On the Stab-loc FPE panels, same deal, ALWAYS recommend a prefessional evaluation by a licensed electrician, or 2 for that matter.

FPE panels are acceptable by some, and unacceptable by others, so CYA.

ALWAYS, recommend further evaluation by a licensed electrician, it takes the liability off of you and onto the buyer and the electrician.

I don't want that kind of liability, if the client comes back later because the FPE panel overheated and burned the house down, they can't sue me, because I told them in NO uncertain terms that they needed to call in a professional, and if the professional advised that the panel was fine, the liability is on them, not me....

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There is some great material on both subjects. I keep several copies in my truck to hand out to the buyer and the agent. I will help take the monkey off your back and help them make their own decision. I too only recommend evaluation and not replacement.

I"m sorry I don’t have the websites right now but just do a search for FPE and Aluminum wiring and they pop up.


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Here are some links to get you “started” on the AL wire and FPE issues … icon_lol.gif

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