Aluminum 220 outlet

I have a home built in 1975 and it has aluminum wiring to the dryer and to the range - the dryer is a double 30 amp breaker and range a 2 pole 40 amp circuits - I am replacing the range and the new range has both 3 and 4 wire configurations- I asked my electrician if he could put a plug on end of wire coming out of oven - he said I need to replace the 40 amp outlet and run copper or i would not meet code. Is he correct

New range needs new 4 wire circuit. Sound like your electrician is correct.

I will disagree with Larry. New ranges and ovens will have both 3 wire and 4 wire configurations. Code (unless local jurisdiction has their own requirements) does not require you to run a new circuit and it sure doesn’t require copper. As long as the current installation meets the supply requirements for the new appliance, you only need a pigtail for a range. They make 3 and 4 prong “pigtails” for dryers and ranges. If you have to run larger wires to meet the appliance requirements, then the new circuit would need to be 4 wire.

Well it won’t be the first time I was disagreed with. I was thinking the new ranges had 120 volts, items, too, e.g. clocks, timers, lights, etc., and would need the fourth wire (neutral) wire for those to operate correctly, no?

You mean my clock, lights and downdraft fan haven’t really been working on my 3 prong range the last 26 years? Wow, I sure thought they were. :wink:

Good point, thanks, Steve. I guess I was tired. ;~)

However, I think it would be safer to bond the system with the grounding conductor. YMMV