Newbie panel questions

What would the Gurus write up. I hadn’t seen this type of lever before on the main disconnect. Some of these muti-strand aluminum conductors looked a little cooked.
Sorry about the quality of the photos once I had the sizes whittled down to keep to the BB limits this is what I had left.

Thanks in advance.



In the first picture you have an issue of double tapped grounded conductors, and it appears that some of the AL stranded conductors are not making their way INTO the actual breaker terminal.

Second, depending on the AGE of this application the “White” grounded conductor going to the breaker should be re-identified to a current carrying conductor.

The second picture appears fine…

The third picture…you just have a bunch of double tapped grounded conductors that should terminate on their own individual screw, simple thing to fix.

The Forth picture, The grounded conductor from the service should be identified as such, and it appears their is a bunch of wires coming into the top through a single conduit… In this one you will have to determine if the conduit is simply for protection and how much is sleeved up if possible…

BUT nothing I would cause the buyer to COMBUST over…as many times you can’t see beyond that point…

In picture # 5, was the GEC spliced with that split bolt on the bottom before it even terminated to the grounded/grounding buss bar…if so that would be an incorrect splice…the GEC would not be continuous but I really can’t tell so I might be reaching on that one.

Also appears their are some more grounded conductors on the right side that could stand to be reidentified as well…

Over all…should be enough to defer for more evaluation and the electrician if they CHOOSE to call one can fix these issues rather quickly and can do a little more poking around on that bundled issues in picture # 4

Thanks for the feedback Paul. Great input as always. NACHI rocks!

I think, ugly panel, defer to qualified electrician, per Paul’s rules. :wink:

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