Aluminum wire

I just got word that Citizens is canceling policies, already in force, on homes that have AL wire. The electricians will be going to work! OMG!

i sent out bulletin to my agents this morning

Having not seen the bulletin, am I to assume we are talking about single strand aluminum wires?

Thank you for the update.

Yes single strand

I think this is wrong and OIR should not allow it.

Up till now it has been my experience that Citizens was the ONLY underwriter NOT denying policies for AL single strand

Yes, my understanding as well but apparently this is only the case in FLORIDA. Inspectors in other states responding to my inquiry regarding this say it is not an issue yet anywhere else. Look at the members only area post I made.

right during Hurricane season, interesting

Just wondering where this information is coming from - it doesn’t look like a technical bulletin has been issued by Citizens on this subject.

it has… John S. posted it 2 days ago, its on the second page of a roof info bulletin, very discretely

Top of page two of the attached PDF.

I had a client call today, so I started calling agents. They will not renew with Al solid strand wire. I think after enough complaints, OIR will step in. Citizens does not want to be the insurance of last resort. They want people to find other insurance.

Ahhh! Got hung up on the roof certification stuff and didn’t read the entire bulletin - let that be a lesson to me!!!