Citizens roof info

Here is the Citizens roof bulletin and wind mit info

Someone told me that Citizens will not be insuring Home with solid Aluminum wiring. Anyone hear that?

I have not heard that, but coincidentally am offering specials on residential rewiring and four point- reinspections.

As far as I know it has been that way for sometime. I have always called it out at the home inspection. One clients sister worked for Citizens as an underwriter. She gave her a call and she told her it would need to be rewired or modified within 30 days of issuing the policy. This happened about 3 years ago. The home also had a FP panel, which they wanted upgraded also.

Citizens was the only choice before, that or re-wire.

Hey John I was told by a couple of insurance agent’s that starting Aug. 1 that no insurance company was going to write a policy if the home has aluminum wire in the home. I did an inspection in May and called aluminum wire in the home and also did the four point and had it listed on it. Then, the other day the the buyer’s agent call’s me and ask why didn’t i call it because her insurance co. called her and told her that they where cancelling her policy unless it was fix. I then told him that I did call it and if he look at the full, summary and the four point, it was there. After we talk, he agreed with me and said he was sorry but was becoming fustrated with the insurance co. because his client was blaiming him for not telling her about the aluminum wire. After we talk, he tried to call some agent;s to see if anyone would write a policy and he found that nobody will write home with aluminum anymore.

no mention of a roof sketch

Not true, the only aluminum wiring which is prohibited is #12 & #10 solid branch circuit wiring. There is nothing wrong with stranded aluminum #8 & greater sub-feeds. Hopefully you weren’t calling out stranded aluminum service, range, dryer or AC sub-feeds.

Hey Joe Your right and the only wire I call is single strand conductors.

the only one I know that wants a sketch is State Farm

Last spring a Citizen’s underwriter emailed me that Copalum fittings are acceptable in lieu of re-wiring. That may have changed since the attachment John provided dated June 9 stating no aluminum branch wiring as of August 1st came later than my info. I’ll email them Monday and see what I can find out.

That is subject to change again before Monday. Typical Florida cluster_____.

6% of fires in residential construction are due to electrical malfunction. The most common cause is cooking. If the public lets these morons get away with this crap where they demand rewiring of properties in order to get insurance required by mortgagors then soon we will all have to cook outdoors. These properties meet the existing building code. Insurers may choose to charge an incremental rate increase to cover their liability but to deny it entirely is an outrage. Somebody… maybe like the state OFFICE OF INSURANCE REGULATION ought to be laying the law down. Starting to look like it’s working a little backwards and the money trail ought to be followed.

My understanding is that it is NOT acceptable! Where the H do these guys get off not accepting a methodology which is acceptable to CPSC and Underwriters Labs. Heads ought to be rolling.:roll:

I contacted Citizen’s U/W today about the aluminum branch wiring question. Here is the question that I asked:
“There was an agency bulletin this past June stating that homes with aluminum branch wiring are not eligible for coverage. My question is: Does this mean the only course of action is to rewire the home or can the wiring be outfitted with Copalum fittings or some other type of fix?”

The reply: “Unfortunately, the home must be re-wired completely to be eligible for coverage with Citizens.”