Single Strand Aluminum Wire Concerns

A nice guy called me today thinking about changing his insurance company and was told he would need a 4 point.

Will any insurance company especially citizens insure the home if it has single strand aluminum conductors.

Help the guy if you know. He will be checking the post. Thanks to any who can give him advice.

Not unless remedied with Alumicon or Copalum connectors.

Any round a bout ideas what that would cost him?

Thanks as always for helping folks.

Last quote a buyer of mine got for copalum crimps was 3 grand.

Depends on the square footage and if the entire panel is aluminum or not… Still cheaper than a re-wire.

HOWEVER, - keep in mind this one note: When considering whether or not to install connectors remember that only a FEW underwriters 1 or 2 (citizens being 1 of them) take connectors.

All others want a re-wire…

If your client is planning on selling… he might want to take this in consideration. It could impact the sale and how much the buyer will pay for insurance.

Depends on the size of the home. 2500-5000 for the connectors, approximately. Re-wire can run about 10k

Wheeeew… thanks as I feared. Keep the comments coming as I do not know if he is seeing this or not yet. My initial advice was to keep the current insurance company instead of trying to save a few bucks in comparison to the cost of remediation. Talking myself out of an inspection :(* I would rather have a happy Non client at least they know I try to look out for their pocket :slight_smile:

Just did a 4P for a buyer from up North. Home has SBAW. He already bought the house so I guess the bank will have to insure it in a case like that? anyone know?

Doubt they have to do anything :frowning: sad for client

Wayne, your client will be forced to remedy the situation. Did they have a home inspection?:shock:

Do not try this at home…The problem is if they will fit in the gang box. Don’t forget switches have to be pigtailed too. I do recommend a licensed electrician install the alumiconn connectors though as most homeowners will not have the proper tools to install them.

Search the net…

We will not change a four point to state that the connectors have been installed unless we have a letter from the electrician. It is too easy to miss some of the connections. It must be all ends of the AL, this would include junction boxes, lights, switches and outlets.

If I remember correctly an electrician is required to sign off on the upgrade.

I have done 4 Points on several homes that have been repaired with alumicon connectors. Some of them done buy the home owner.

I pull a couple of switches and receptacles at random in each room and take a photo of the connectors. I include a photo in the report and state that I checked random connections and they had been repaired. So far each homeowner got lower rates.

No Inspection. I see these all the time where out of state buyers are picking up these old Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac homes on the cheap and sometimes sight unseen. They know the may need some work but have no real idea.

Most electricians around here Mike charge $45 per outlet/switch to add them. I never sign off on the 4 point without a pulled and closed electrical permit for legal reasons. I do what Robert does, open a few, take the pics, state that I checked randoms and that I am not inspecting the building departments inspection(s), and put the rest on the building dept and their inspection process, if it’s done by homeowner or not permitted, they can find someone else, not worth the liability to go it alone.

Ignorance is Bliss isn’t it?

Yes it is…:roll: