Am I missing something

This morning I get a text from an invester that I have been doing inspections for for over 10 years. He had an inspection done on one of his houses that I inspected about 4 months ago. The only thing the buyers inspector put on his report was 2 damaged roof tiles ( witch was on my report) and this " The master bedroom in this home is to small for the Square footage of the home. Recommend futher evaluation by a licensed contractor." Did I miss the Inter Nachi video on this?

LOL each guy tries to out do the other . had one putting paint chips on his report

The master bedroom is too small? I don’t know what to say…and the buyers didn’t see the size of the room? I’m confused.

Obviously, he took the wrong course.

"The remainder of the home was too large for the master bedroom. Call a contractor to reduce the size of the rest of the home. :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Hahaaaaahaaaa !!!

LOL, he has been to my home already.

Master bedroom is not large enough for what?..The guy must know what he’s talking about or the State of Florida would not of given him a license, right?

It sounds to me like the buyer had their input.

" Hey the master bedroom is too small for the house, make sure that goes not the report".

Ahahahahahahahahahahaa:mrgreen: That sounds like something the buyer wanted him to put in. Sounds as ridiculous as 10.2 % gable

Is it less than 70 sq.ft? Housing Authority doesn’t consider a room a bedroom if it is less. Although I am not sure that applies to anything but renting to section 8.

A means of egress, a door, a window, and a closet and you’re good to go! :wink: