Shingle and tile roof florida

Hello! This is my first time writing in the forums. I read the forums often yet haven’t had an issue till now to speak about. I failed the shingle and tile roof final exams, 4 times(2 each), I think. I passed them now. This NEVER happened with the rest of my exams. I feel kind of crappy about it. I’m well versed in construction and the materials so I found it odd that I did so bad. I know this will be a part of the state exam and wonder if anyone would have any suggestions as for how to remember certain things that will show up in Floridas state test. I’d appreciate any and all help that I can get.

Thank again, Andy

Just like with anything; go back over the material. Keep track of what items you get wrong and write it all down. Watch the YouTube videos on the roof inspections. They have plenty for Florida.

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Don’t feel too bad Andy, roofing is done WAY differently in Florida than anywhere else that I know of, at least in south FL. If you didn’t take them, take the video roof courses.

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Mr. Shepard it’s an honor, thank you. I took your video courses actually. I found your instruction and direction to be absolute. However, my retention of the information provided wasn’t. I reside in Miami-Dade where Wind Mitigation And 4 point inspections are very common and in demand for home owners and insurance companies alike. My father was a contractor till he past away almost 11 years ago now. After having a heart attack he started to perform home inspections. There is more than just wanting to be a successful and professional home inspector in it for me, there’s making his memory and education one that was worth it. Again, your education is one I appreciate. There was so much content in the course that I was caught off guard. Like shingles? Really? Lol any advice on what on what I should mainly focus on? I passed the final already but I’m seeking pointers that with help me with the state license exam

Basically, what Josh said. Take the time to go over to Weston and see the House of Horrors. I don’t know if they have the QR codes installed for the self-guided tours yet, but you’ll recognize defects from the courses.
Unfortunately the shingle course has a fair amount on hail, which you won’t experience there, but we try to make the courses comprehensive enough that you can inspect anywhere. -Kenton

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Thank you. I appreciate the support.

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I was looking into that since things are different now due to COVID-19. I want to buy land in North Carolina, so believe me, I am happy with all I have learned in these course. I’m not limited.

As for the state exam, it really will not go into anything too crazy.

Just remember the difference between slope and pitch, the ratios and how underlayment plays a factor with that. The different flashings and their placement. You will always learn more on the job. I even do quite a few Owens Corning Roof Data Tech jobs, and while I did roofing when I was younger, I feel even riding along with someone close for wind mitigation and an inspection would help you greatly.

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What I do is copy the list of questions that I got wrong into a Word document. Then pull up a split screen with that Word document and the course PDF document. Then search the course PDF file for each incorrectly answered question. You can do keyword search in the PDF file. Helps me focus on what I got wrong, and improves my score a lot when I retake the exam.

Smart, Brett…I did the same way back when. :grin:


Dude you rock man, thanks