Am I the Only One Drinking?



I’m off the wagon too!!

Ditto!:slight_smile: :wink:

Been going strong here all day!!! Woohoo

Not drinking here, just slammin’ a few.

Hot Damn shots and White Label Turkey!

count me in whereas I’m not winning

It was 5 o’clock along time ago

Not yet.

It’s not quite 5 on the West Coast.

It’s 5 somewhere…Buffet

Kinda died off for a few minutes here. Nick must have gone to get himself a drink.


Thanks to Saint Nick Gromicko for a good reason to enjoy some libations. Cheers Mate.

still working here… getting close to done though…

Well here… Let me have one for ya then. Happy Holidays…

Egg Nog here!

Just got home.
Time for a cold one with my sweetie :wink:

Merry Christmas everyone!!

Black Russian here

I’m holding off until the Broncos-Bengals game tonight. As a Bengals fan, I may be drinking a lot…

I suspect this thread will be deleted after tonight, but in the meantime, I believe its time to raid the cabinet.