Broncos Football

Almost time for Broncos game, I hope Jake Plummer shows up to play today.Must go get Bud light and munchies now:)


Bah Jakebug…

Go Chargers…

What Tony, not a Bronco fan? I knew there was something totally wrong with you:p
Bet ya a beer?

You got it…next time I see you , bring your pocketbook :wink:

Your on, my friend!
Oh and I just gave you reputation points in anticipation of that ice cold Bud Light you will be buying me! :wink:

Thanks Jamie for undoing what was most certainly an attack on my reputation for being helpful on these boards…

Anytime, I can’t believe that anyone would attack your reputation like that:) Unlesss, it is cause of the smart arse comments-then alot of us are in trouble:p

Can’t be it, fo I am still green:mrgreen:

Go Cardinals:twisted:

Brian, who’s the Cardinals,are they a pro team?:slight_smile:

I just figured out they changed Broncos game time, so now I have to wait till 6pm. :frowning: I was getting pretty upset when I couldn’t find the game-thought I was gonna have to go to the bar or something:shock:

They are like a developmental team Jaime, it’s where Jake learned to throw from his back.:wink: :frowning:

lol, I forgot where Jake came from,hopefully he won’t have throw from his back today:)

Oy gevalt! If I owned a bar, I would flag light beer drinkers.

It’s diet beer, Joe-gotta watch my girlish figure!:slight_smile:

Right. [incredulous affect.] Yeah, that’s it. You have to watch your figure.

Jamie, let me do the watching. Drink real beer. I’ll let you know when your figure needs attention.

awww, that’s sweet Joe. I just gave you reputation points for being so helpful to my ego!:smiley:

That’s what I do.

Well, I guess my Rep will be going down after this: The donkey’s :stuck_out_tongue: visit Arrowhead Thursday.

Go Chiefs!!!

What a game it was! Guess I owe Tony a beer.:eek: As far as the chiefs, well at least they are playing at home so they may have a chance.(slim to none:p )
And Patrick, I would never mess with your rep for being a Chiefs fan. (only if you’re a raiders fan:) )

You can take Jake out of the Cardinals…:frowning:

Nice pass buddy.

He ain’t no Elway-thats fo sur.pretty exicting game if ya discount the last 14 seconds.:slight_smile: Tomlinson was pretty amazing-love to watch him run-just wish he wasn’t doing it quite so well against my team:p