Is the party over???

I think I got in a bit too late :frowning:

Not over yet.

Nope come on in, just sit back, Nick is taking a little break.

Nope, it goes on till pretty late tonight. Have to make room for the piles. Over 300 different piles for the 300 different winners so far.

Sweet thanks again Nick!

Brew some coffee. We have lots more coming tonight so that the West Coast members can get in on it.

I’m ready.

You’ve been ready since like 5am your time! :slight_smile:

It got quite now, i guess I’ll go watch the Bengals and Broncos game.

Just got back :slight_smile:

Yep it’s over… You can got to bed now:mrgreen::mrgreen:
Or if you’re not tired there is a good football game on:mrgreen::p:mrgreen:

nothing going on for over an hour…:frowning:


I’ve been trying to give away my last three samples of Troll Mix for hours!

I think they stopped to watch their Broncos get beat up by the Bengals! Been here and an hour and a half and only seen stuff for the Carolinas.

They gotta eat something today!

If it was over I would have expected a Merry Christmas sign off from St Nick.