Are you ready for some football?

I’m on my way with Nick - going to the Monday Night Football Game. The Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Denver Broncos. I called the stadium ahead of time to make sure they stocked up on pizza for my bro.

It must be nice to have good team(s) to root for.

Have Fun!!

Now that the Bears are out of it I need a team to root for and it is between Vikings,Denver ,or the 49rs because of Mike Singletary.

Since we still play the other two I will root for Denver and Kyle Orton.

Not a great Quarterback (average), but he is very likable.


The Bears are 4-4, 1 game out of the wild card race with half a season to go.

Be glad your team is not in disarray like the Clowns.

Trust me the Bears suck.

It is all about line play.

You wanna know what team is better (here is a tip) just see which teams line has a push.

Lovie Smith sucks as a coach and our defense started downhill when his ego got him to fire Chico Rivera.

The Clowns? (what the heck):D:D:D

I’m ready for some folks who understand that professional football is a timed game.

Go Steelers!

4 quarters

You gotta be kidding me.
The Bears beat them for crying out loud.

It warmed my heart last night when the Cowboys kicked the Eagles @$$. :smiley:

7 - 3 Steelers defense makes Denver eat it!

I gotta say that Orton will not throw a second interception.

14 - 10 Steelers offense makes Denver eat it!

17 - 14 in a few after the turnover, Denver reigns

It was so much fun. Almost as many terrible towels as at a Pgh home game. Go Steelers!

Not this time, sorry.:cool:

I guess you eat this one, twice. Three int’s for the night. Steelers 28 - 10


VIKINGS !! (with the old FARTVE)

Unfortunately I predict our lame-*** coach Childress will blow it against the Saints in the NFC championship game and it will be Saints-Patriots in the Superbowl. Who the heck keeps the best runningback on the sidelines when you are on the 25 yard line and going for a tie or a win against the Steelers with less then 2 minutes to go ? Especially after he just ran over a guy for a 25 yard pickup that just demoralized the great Pittsburgh defense ? Stupidity.

steelers-the-best.jpg steelers-the-champions.jpg steelers-the-greatest.jpg
Steelers 28 Broncos 10
Go Steelers!