Am I the only one??

Hi to all,

I have been avoiding posting in this section for a long time due to its content (or lack there of) but enough is enough, I am sorry to see some friends leave iNACHI, but I am even more sorry to see some “friends” self destructing in this area.

This whole section has just become purile and I believe it shoul;d be shut down, at least until Chris can figure a way to stop (well known) IP addresses being used by some of our multiple personality posters!!

What say you



Hi Gerry,

Chris has it figured out, he knows the IP address of wand. He will delete the latest wand user name “Raymond Wand Magic”. Let’s face it, he is the only a$shole polluting our MB.

Gerry I am surprised at your post. You are not condoning what is being posted and you only appear to be interested in protecting one party. I thought more of you. Disappointed for sure. Mario, keep going you are doing fine! Really, the world is coming here to see and read what a disfunctional person you truly are!

Ray, (if this is in fact Ray?) be as disappointed as you like I am tired of this pantomime.

This will be my only response to you



Gerry you are disappointing, obviously another member who has wares to sell over a properly run association.

Tust me, it’s Ray

I am chosing to ignore him!

Steve Did you have something important to say? You’re mumbling again ole boy!

Gerry, I wholeheartedly agree with you. If people would stop replying to him altogether (in all his aliases), maybe he would just go away. I think it is the attention he is getting that keeps him coming back.

I think the fact that Mario can’t keep his big mouth shut has been the cause of all this. For someone on the ESOP he has shown anything but smarts. As I said before I will cease when the attacks from others stop. Its that simple and apparently Steves the only one astute enough to suggest it!

Raymond Wand,

Allthough I respect Steve and his views, I disagree with him. We at NACHI will not be held hostage by a mental midget (borrowed from James) like you. I/We will not put up with your bull. You have slandered enough people here, like I said go away and stay away, you are only making it worse for yourself.

Mario Stop lecturing, the only one making it difficult is you. Do you really think you have a hope in hell considering what I have on you? You are really stupid you put things in print that any other moron would be smart enough not to do. You have created your own paper trail of lies, deceit, libel, and defamation. You have nothing on me. And I am tired of dealing with you simplistic posts and simplistic illogical logic to support your position. My advice to you is to proceed as you have done all along, and that is to create your own damning evidence to be used against you. Where are the emails you said you had?

Words I tried to have done but unfortunately will fall to deaf ears, these " Attacks" are just a ranting from a tyrant whom feels delighted in causing grief in all aspects.
It would be great if all would just ignore the fool as that is what he is becoming, or has become. It is appalling that a once great person that was who I considered a great help and a wealth of information has in the last while just fallen, and fallen so hard.
It makes me sad to see this destructive vein in a man that seems to burn a wild fire in him that has no cure from his own blatant mistakes and now seems to find comfort in spreading this bile and gore to everything he touches. I am honestly witnessing him bring out the worst in people that are much better people and I honestly hope an end to this can be found.

William You know the answer. You and I have had this conversation before. Unfortunately Mario is a rube who isn’t smart enough to cease. The only person here who makes this stuff continue is Mario. Someone needs to tell that boy to shut up. I am only protecting myself from his lowly attempts to say and do anything he wishes which makes everyone in NACHI look unprofessional.

I would have liked to have voted to shut it down completely but, I would be afraid that they would only infect other threads and cause havic for more members. This a Canadian thread but holds no boundries for the bull that takes place and causes nothing but a drag in for many great members that are really only fed up with this garbage and get slammed.
As a Proud Canadian member of NACHI I won’t respond directly to these individuals that I once respected in this industry only because I would hope it would cease if ignored. I was wrong.
To that end, I apologize from a Canadian persective for any insult that may have dragged good American NACHI members into this garbage and also to those ESOP members that are only doing what is put in place to uphold.
I can only speak for myself on this but I’m sure my sentiments are felt by many other Canadian NACHI members in good standing.


The answer is to get rid of those on the ESOP who have ruined it for everyone. They continue to flaunt the rules at the expense of the members. If anyone dare speak up they will be shot down by an out of control ESOP. The bain of NACHI is the SOP and the members who keep putting up with it. We all know how the ESOP has driven a good number of people out. Whose going to be next. What a fraud NACHI is becoming the laughing stock through no actions of mine, heck I am not even a member. Mario should be given the boot, he is the one that has kept the fire going.

Hell, most of can’t even speak Canadian anyway. :smiley:


For someone who professes to be intelligent, you sometimes act dumber than a sack of hammers.

Although some may not like ESOP, you have been the single driving force in raising awareness of how right we were to jettison your sorry a$$ from this association.

Your inane rants have become historic. Still, you stand on your tiny soapbox and decry injustice, and call for the disbandment of ESOP. Get it through your head, Ray… all you have accomplished is solidifying the legitimacy of ESOP and its process. We couldnt have paid for a better champion than you. And through all of this, you still dont get it. You should become a lobbiest. You made our argument for us. What a guy…

As to the present… No one is backing you. Whatever little support you once had has long since evaporated.

You are a man without an association. An a$$ without a seat, if you will.

You dragged a supposed friend down with you.

You dragged your stature into the gutter.

You even fight with those with no dog in this hunt. Now you turn your sights on Gerry. Get real.

You need to open your eyes and look around. There is no one standing next to you. You are a child stamping its feet. A wet towel in a cage. No more righteous indignation. Just foolishness. Your actions have reduced your stature to that of a person standing in a parking lot and yelling at the trees. Everyone is staring. Not because of what you are saying, but for how low you have sunk and for what you have become. Its pity, and not praise.

Truly sad.

So, Raymond, Romanian, Magic, Raymondo, Wand Raymond, or whatever you choose to call yourself next… remember this: The more things change, the more they stay the same. And so it goes for you. SSDD, I suppose. Your story and postings are about as appetizing as a sh*t sandwich.

You probably have a loving family you can lean on. Do yourself a favor and take a deap breath and just walk away. You have done more harm to yourself than anyone could have possibly done.

Have a laugh. Download an old song from the Internet when you get the chance. It was from the late 60’s or even the very early 70s. The band was called Napoleon and the Fourteenths, I believe.

“…where life is beautiful all the time, and I’ll be happy to see those nice young men in their clean white coats, and their coming to take me away, ha-ha…”


Joe As usual a nothing post from a nothing person.

It takes one to know one, Ray.

I see you had to step in for that ***** NO. 2 Mario. Can’t fight his battles. Had to get ***** NO. 1 on the job. Boring!