Do you fellas want IT to delete a couple of these threads???

Seems we’re getting near pornographic. Unless anyone can make some strong argument for leaving them up, I’m suggesting that we tell IT to delete them. Anyone not agree?

Nick whats the matter too much heat? After all you are a proponent of free speech. I think they should be left just as they are so everyone can see how the ESOP thugs operate of which you approve.

They should at the very least be placed in the not for everyone or spam forum.

Good idea Blaine… We moved it all to Not For Everyone forum in members only.

Ray, you and Joe kiss and make up and come back on board.

Email me with your phone number Ray, so I can call you.

Joe you be nice and leave the OAHI thing alone, its not any of InterNACHI’s biz.

We have big things coming and need all hands on deck.

First time anybody made sense all weekend.
All involved …shutup.


Thanks Nick.

Marcel :slight_smile: :smiley:

Whats the matter Blaine too embarrassed to let the posts stand that show your ready eagerness to hold a Kangaroo court?

I would like an apology from Blaine and his posse for acting in a manner unbecoming an ESOP committee.


Now those are some good words.

Why would I kiss Joe, and make up? Not in your life, not until he apologizes to Roy and me and the rest of the Canadian Members!

Nick Gromicko, thanks for moving the fourm, please do a second favour and delete this forum so it inasmuch does not become the second breading ground for more.
All concerned know what has to be done to continue this conversation in the members fourm.
Please let’s keep this positive and let it roll off us all like water on a ducks back and move forward.

Men fight. It’s in our nature. But let’s move on. Bigger fish to fry.

Well done Nick

I may not agree with the way people have personal disagreements on
the phone, but iNACHI cannot make itself the police of those kinds of things.
No matter how much I wish they would, it is beyond their role to do so.

If iNACHI draws a line concerning personal emails posted on the forum, then
they have a legitimate right to do so. That may not solve the other issues, but
it perfectly reasonable for iNACHI to limit it’s role to those things it is suppose to.

If Ray wants to be heard, then I think Nicks offer to communicate is a great
chance to present his case. Remember, emotions and hurt feelings are immature
and they are not logical. Everyone calm down and listen before you speak.

Thank you Nick for offering to help in the communication process.

I suggest everyone else should stay out of this spat, it will only make it worse. Silence can be a mans best friend.

How about if everyone admits a little bit of fault and patch things up. When I have gone threw these gut wrenching debacles, it just tears me up. I’ve made an oath to never have one again. They’re silent killers. Were getting old, enjoy life.

Phuck Ray.



Whats the matter is it to hot under the belly of the snake! You have seen the consequences of your actions!

So go jump in the lake!

Phuck Ray.

His posts since his dismissal have proven that he belongs outside of the association.

Our best hope is that the guy holds his breath … and keeps holding it … while he waits for his “apologies”.

James you twitt I am already outside the association!

You have no concept of fair play ! You should be ashamed to call yourself an inspector let alone a professional. You are only a professional Jack arse!

I like to use the ‘new post’ option for reviewing messages.
I have not read this entire thread, so I don’t know if some else has suggested it, but I would like to see an ‘Ignore Thread’ option.

I also think it would be a good idea to limit text formatting on the messages!!!:mrgreen: