Amazon Services

Or just do the simple math…

Let’s see… 250 inspections per year… minus 50 inspections (20%) to pay Amazon… add 50 to the original 250… now you need to perform 300 inspections per year simply to BREAK EVEN!!!

I honestly hope that every low-baller out there goes for this. They should be out of business in no time!!!

That statement pretty much raps it up.

Though comparing those two as similar is not accurate.

Jonas is right its a huge sum to pay out. When I shop on amazon I am looking for the best price I can get no questions asked. Thats exactly the calls you will be getting so not only will you be shelling out 20% but 20% on top of an already painfully low price. Doing more work for less money to end up in the same place at the end of the year is not the best business plan.