American Home Warranty

Just wanted to know if anyone knows how reputable this company is? Thinking about including their warranty with my inspection. Want to find references first. Thanks.

I use them. Never had a problem.

I’m at the same point (deciding if to use them). Would also like input. I don’t really care for the Brinks deal.

I believe that American Home Warranty IS the Brinks deal

I use them. I don’t use the Brink’s deal though. I paid the initial fee myself and the per-inspection warranty fee as well. I use it for marketing. Hard to say if it has been a reason I was selected over a competitor.

I used it with the Brinks deal for a little while and never had anyone inquire about it.
Dropped it when I felt it was intrusive to my clients.

I use AHW but not Brink’s. I called Brink’s to see if they ever serviced this area, which they do not. You may want to call them yourself to see if your area is serviced.

I offer the warranty and let Brinks pay me the $15 cash

If someone wants the warranty, I ask them to call me
after they read the report and decide to buy the house.
I then issue the warranty after they call me and ask for it.

This works out that only a few people ever call me
back, but I still offer the warranty to all.