Love American Home Warranty

These guys are great! I have dealt with this company for about 8 years now. Never had a problem getting a valid claim paid with their 90 day home warranty. Even if the claim was in the gray area, they gave the benefit of the doubt to my customer.
Also they will not sell your client’s information if you do not want them too.
The best customer service tool I have ever had. Check them out at .
The people who know me knows, I will not brag about a company unless they deserve it. There is not a lot of company’s out there I will endorse.

I just went to their website and can not find anything about pricing. How does it work? How much does it cost per inspection?


I’ve never had a problem with a warranty because I never provided one and my clients never asked for one.
The seller or realtor provide warranties in many cases.

What are you Humming about? Actually pay for a service instead of insinuating.

Traditional Warranty

$16.00 to $19.00

  • Includes 90-day Limited Warranty
  • Enhances inspector services package
  • Great marketing tool
  • Specific Mechanical & Structural coverage
  • Differentiate yourself from competitors
  • No deductibles, service fees, or claims fees
  • Pre-purchase to lower warranty price
  • Click here for more details on the Traditional Program

I want to make this clear. This was one of the first companies to offer the 90 day home inspection warranties. They are not a copycat company that degrades the home inspection industry.

I am in a different area of the country but I have had the same experience! :mrgreen:;-):cool:

What about RecallChek and Their 90 Day Warranty. I have signed up and so far been great…I also received a discount via InterNachi from Nathan. I really like the RecallChek and RecallTrak as well. This has been a great marketing opportunity. I tried to get in touch with AHW and it took 24 hours to respond to my email and no one answers the phone anymore. I tried numerous times.

I have always gotten a response by email. I have never tried to call them, nor never needed to because they always did their job well (handle warranties)
If you need to talk to somebody to make you feel good about their services, then Nathan has your number. And also every number of a client of an inspector that uses his services. AHW does not require your customer’s phone numbers, even on their cheaper plan.

all my agreements expressly say

“The property inspection is a snapshot in time only while the inspector was onsite and neither includes nor implies any warranty, guaranty, continued function, or the remaining service life of any of the inspected or non-inspected components pertaining to the subject property.”

i do a great job, write a clear report & no one contacts me when their crap breaks hrs, days, weeks or months after the inspection

class of clientele does make a difference…ymmv

You must be new.

You must be new to the game.

Linas, ditto for me. A home inspector that provides a warranty to the home buyer may give a false sense of security to the client that the inspector did not do his job well. IMO, of course.

Promoting information about a product on this message board may mean that the person providing the information may be getting a fee for his review.

I am not getting a fee for my review. You know me better than that. This is the same company Dan has used for years.

So sounds like everybody here after a client inquires about a something breaking down after the inspection, just tells their client screw you. I have not had a complaint about a home inspection in years, valid or invalid. The warranty company explains things.

Ha, loyal Hippies, Gary is implying you are getting a kick back from Dom.

wghat do they explain that the item in question isn’t covered for whatever the excuse is

i refer them to the report where the item was discussed & that

  1. it should have been repaired/replaced before they closed
  2. wasn’t installed correctly to begin with see 1
  3. reported beyond service life see 1

if they want to whine further

“i’m now going to talk to you like you’re 1 of my own family members”

  1. you’re an adult
  2. stuff breaks
  3. if you want a cradle to grave warranty you should try google

if they need babysitting that’s also available…my fees don’t change…ymmv

The comment was not directed to you , James. Many REA’s here have had lots of problems with warranty companies not paying out for repairs, and are considering other options. Even in my personal home purchase, the warranty company did not pay out one dime to me for a hot water heater or a garbage disposal. They are all worthless, IMHO of course.

I just find it is easier to send them to the warranty company. I am not going spend time going to the house and looking at item and to smooth things over with the buyer. It is best not to argue with a client.

That is why I shared my experience with American Home Warranty. They treat my customers more than fair.