AMP (Tyco) Copalum connectors

Hey folks,

Has anyone seen these connectors used on aluminum wired homes? I have been asked to inspect a home with known aluminum wiring (split level) and the most cost effective solution would be to use these connectors. Any feedback as to costs, effectiveness, problems? Any input would be greatly appreciated.



You will need to have what they call, COPALUM , connectors.

I defer these types of Inspections to an Electrician.

I do the same.

I refer as well, but was hoping that one of the electricians that usually post could give me their opinion on this type repair. I realize that replacement is the best alternative but do the COPALUM crimp connectors work well, or does the installation cause other problems? Just wanted some input from someone who has installed these connectors.


Best website I have ever seen on aluminum wiring and the use of Copalum crimps. Enjoy and share.

Here’s another one with “pictures”

It must be done properly, therefore it should be defered to verify the integrity of the installation.

Thanks guys.

I am in the minority opinion here but I think if you don’t have symptoms and you don’t screw with it, aluminum wire is not that big a problem. I back that up with the lack of scare stories on the news today. I think all the sloppy aluminum jobs that were doomed to fail have already failed and the others will be OK.
The fact is, if the electrican did a good job and the homeowner didn’t screw with it, most of the millions of aluminum wired houses never had a problem.
Has Inspect-NY come up with any “new” stories? That article is older than some of our readers here.

You’re the “expert” here Greg. Your opinion matters, not only to us, but the public as well.

As generalists, we are obligated (or if you prefer - “compelled”) to defer these situations to the experts. When you offer this opinion to our client, you relieve us of the potential liability. :wink:

Compelled…I like that…:wink:

Since you have a Zinsco electrical panel with single strand aluminum branch circuit wiring “I’m Compelled” to refer this installation to a licensed electrician, blah, blah.

It is compelling Jeff…:smiley:

I have to agree with you. I routinely inspect homes here on the Gulf Coast of FL that are older homes that may have been had updated electrical systems more than once. I can honestly say that I have yet to find a home with aluminum wiring that has had any signs of arcing or overheating. Many of them have aluminum systems well over 30 years old and my standard response to the client is that the home has been here without incident for ____ years but also tell them what they should look for in the way of symptoms of problems. The biggest problem we run up on is insurance companies, realtors and as you said the horror stories that have been circulating for years. Many insurance companies will not take on a customer if they find out the home has aluminum wiring. I have known of several realtors that will not list a home if they find out it has aluminum wiring. Unfortunately it is hard to put the toothpaste back into the tube once the public has come to believe something. Equally difficult is when you have electricians who do not agree on the issues of AL wiring. Some will say the whole sytem should be pulled and replaced while there are others like yourself who use a more common sense approach and look at the evidence rather than the hype. Thanks for your input.

I would caution HI’s against using this type of statement.

The CPSC provided the following information as early as 1974. Use this for your reports.

May Is National Electrical Safety Month: Good News for Homeowners - Aluminum Wiring Fix …

CPSC Invites Offerors For Aluminum Wire System Safety Standard

CPSC Safety Recommendations For Aluminum Wiring In Homes
CPSC Sets Aluminum Wire Hearings - Explore Potential Fire Hazards

“Repairing Aluminum Wiring”](

Like I said, most of these reports are older than a lot of our posters.

I am talking to my friend the Realtor about the AL wire I have just noticed in the panel. He is telling me it is not a big deal so on and so forth. I explain that it is not my place to tell the client AL wires are not a big deal that I always recommend the services of an electrician when I find single strand AL wires.

I start to explain my findings to the buyer, as I tell her about the AL wires she explains that her sister died in a house fire caused by faulty wiring (she did not say what type of wires and I did not ask) and she did not think she wanted a house with AL wires. Not my job to sell her, no upside.

How about the connectors (look like pigtail or blue twist on type) that you can buy at home depot for AL repair.
Why are they selling these if copalum should only be the fix?
Are these meant to be temporary?

You can purchase these at Home Depot as well. . .


They sell these @ home depot too, doesn’t mean you are a steam fitter.:slight_smile:

James, there is a page on Alumium wiring on the new online electrical course, including a really pretty picture of one of those repair wire nuts.

Try it here