The meter is a Duncan, CL60, 120V, 15TA, SE is 120V/240V 3 cables, the main breaker is 100amp. The meter base is rectangular, but the meter appears to be old. The home is circa 1970. Can you assist in rating the ampacity?

Hi Debra

without knowing the size of the SE conductors it’s hard to tell, but the meter was designed for 60 amp contiuous however the power companies (being thier own AHJ) commonly choose to re-rate equipment, the meter base is certainly good for 100 plus amps, and as you state the main breaker is 100amp. Given the age of the home I would be very surprised if it was intended to be less than 100amps.




AS Gerry stated ( so well as usual ) it is hard to tell unless you can determine all the components within the service. Never rely on the meter enclosure for your final determination as gerry has stated; they tend to do their own thing many times.

It may help in the future to provide some images when you have a question about a service so that we can see it and offer opinions based on visual facts versus speculation since we are not seeing what you are seeing. With all that said, I would venture to say you are dealing with a 100A service BUT…are you going to put on your report 100A even if you do not know the wire sizes or any ratings of the panel enclosure?..I would make it clear it appears to be 100A but unable to determine and if you see other things wrong in the panel or with the electrical then defer it to be determined by the licensed electrical contractor.

thank you gentlemen, I was having difficulty copying my photos to the message board, I will try to next time.