Aperage rating for the home.

On a recent inspection, I had a 100 amp meter. SEC appears to be rated for 100 amps.

The Service Panel is a GE spit bus panel. The upper portion has several breakers (max 60 amp) controlling a sub panel & another either the AC unit or stove (I forget which).

The breaker controlling the lower part of the panel is a double pole 60 amp breaker.

So here is my question, Would you call this a 60 amp service or a 100 amp service for reporting purposes? I called it a 100 amp but am not for sure that I was correct.

Hi Mark,

as there is no “main” you need to go with the lowest rated of the other components, if the SEC is 100amp and the panel is 100 amp then I would probably call it as 100 amp unless it had a very old round meter base.



GREAT! Thanks Gerry. That’s what I more or less was thinking, but just didn’t know for sure. (It has a square meter base, ie 100amp)

I sure do appreciate it!


I go a few step further in my reports, especially on older homes.

For example:

  • I note the meter base [200A]
  • I note the SEC [2/0 copper, 200A]
  • and the panels main disconnect rating [150A]