Amperage rating on split Buss, multiple disconnects

So I’m thinking that the amperage rating on this one is actually 60amps. The entrance cables will certainly carry 200amps but because of the multiple disconnects, I’m saying 60 amps or does the least of all three go out the window when there are multiple disconnects? Thank you in advance everyone.

From my office, it looks like the SEC’s are 2/0 aluminum and that would be 150 amps.
Can you confirm the size of the entry conductors?

Well I can’t confirm as the entrance cables were old and there weren’t markings left on the insulation but from what you’re saying, when there are multiple disconnects, you go by the wire size correct?

It is atleast 150 what’s the legend say.

That’s correct, looks like #4/0 aluminum to me which is good for 180 amps or 200 amps for a dwelling service.

On excellent. Thank you gentlemen!