Amtrol water heaters age code help

This is my first Amtrol water heater and of course it’s the code they don’t have the decipher figured out yet. ANYONE KNOW HOW THIS ONE WORKS ??

Have you tried , yet?

EDIT: Oh, I see they need help on that serial #, too.

Try this:

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Yes they don’t have it fir second type … Tryed saying that…haha

Ok will try that

They want $5 bucks to be a member or something just to answer my question .Nahhhh

Is there an ANSI tag on it? If so, the age is usually within 2-4 years of the ANSI date.

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Nope not that I see on the data tag .
But yeah I remember school telling about that ansi tag and you can get close to the date …But thank You Larry for the help .I’m just referring
My client to ask the current owner.The boiler number is also covered up by an extra switch so I can’t even get the date on the boiler system… ugh

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Manufactured on February 18, 1988.

Indirect water heater. It uses the furnace or boiler to heat the water that’s circulated through the tank.


You gotta be kidding me …That’s the year the house was built.So that water heater has lasted that long ??32years ? It’s a 6,000 sq ft home that had 8 people living in it for many years…Does that sound possible and I’ve never heard of any water heater lasting that long has anyone else?? But thank You

Oh ok maybe because it’s an indirect water heater? Is that more typical in those ?

You’re welcome. Depends on a lot of factors and equipment servicing, etc. 10 to 15 year lifespan for indirect, from what I’ve read. I’ve came across a few old water heaters still working fine. We had a 1970s water heater in the house we sold in 2019.

Did you contact Amtrol?

Yeah, sent an email. They stated the only way to get the age is by contacting them.

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Almost thought you were a



I am…I am! :smile: If it’s not on, I usually look up the few we get stumped on and keep a note in my program on how to find the age, etc.

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I did a motel in a little town in Utah called Panguitch a few years ago. One section was a manufactured/mobile home type set up with three sections with I believe 5 individual units. Each of the 15 units had its own (I believe they were “State Industries”), Electric WHs in them. All dated 1972. all sequential SNs. The Water Quality is what made the difference. The city has been awarded the best quality water in the either in the State or the Nation, several times. Granted they may not get the use of a family home but still 40+ years is not bad.

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Yes I did see something about emailing the company.But I figured I would try posting it on the forum first…But thank Junior for providing me with the date :+1::blush:

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You’re welcome! :slight_smile: