Water Heater Age

Hello all.
Im hoping someone can help me with this. I looking to find the age for a Buderus water heater. The building intelligence website doesn’t have this style serial number. I have attached a picture. Thanks in advance for the help!!

LOL! They got kind of carried away with that serial number. They must have embedded a crapload of information in it.

My wild assed guess would be 2010, but that’s all it is. If you have photos of other labeling, look for an ANSI date on a seal or label. It will usually be within a few years prior to the unit build date and can help you determine if your guess is viable.

I had a number like that before. The date is coded in the 3 digit number after the first dash. What year was the home? Buderus Boiler Age?

The home was originally build in the 50’s, but this was knocked down to the foundation and floor joists and rebuilt. The boiler was a Burnham from 2001.

OK so the three number, that would be 759, Julian date. So 59th day of 2007?
Am I reading that right?

Thanks for your help!!

The guy didn’t tell me how he decoded it. He said they use that number to determine the age. My 3 digits was “304”, and he said it was manufactured in April 2013. What was your ANSI date, or did you not see one?

I did not see one.

Why can I not see the picture?

I can’t either on quite a few posts…I don’t get it.

It can’t be too old. Have you tried scanning the QR or whatever code in the corner with your smartphone?