"An excellent 'n easy basement waterproofing system'

3:20 roll on application

question, did they FULLY plug each rod hole w/mortar, hydraulic cement, just wondering cuz it’s kind of important eh

5:35… says, ‘We have one opportunity, one chance to get this correct etc’

then he says, plastic mat… ‘we’ve relieved the PRESSURE’… no you, the plastic mat, didn’t lol

I see they backfilled with maybe 3’ ish of stone, okay, better than most… but ya still pushed in 3’ ish of crap soil. The crap soil will settle, there will still be PRESSURE against these walls., not as much as others because at least they backfilled with some 'stone. that helps reduce weight/pressure, does not RELIEVE most-all pressure as he said. lol just saying.

Why not backfill with most-all gravel, then you’d relieve more pressure… REMEMBER you have one chance to get this right… RIGHT?

Why not apply 2-3 coats of your ‘stuff’, that imo is a thin application and THAT is more important than the black mat


I don’t understand why most never do this! Keep up the good work Mark. I always apprciate and enjoy your posts!

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Reminds me of a product I used when I built a Woman’s Pavilion addition to a hospital in 2000.
We used Rub-r wall waterproofing, but it was sprayed.

On most other jobs we used the BITUTHENE® 4000 system

That has always been my preference over the years, especially in commercial and industrial building.

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exactly Joe, thanks man