Basement waterproofing project in Kingston Ontario

Hi Dan, i’m Uncle Bubba from Bubbamilk basement waterproofing. :mrgreen:

Appears to be a good dude who wants wants to do a good job eh, no problem wiff that.

Couple things though, lol
Just because you may have got away with placing this amount of soil next-to, near an excavated hole/trench and apparently haven’t had a cave-in yet, my dumb az 2 cents knows that when ya place soil close,near an excavated trench as they did, it could certainly help CAUSE a cave in, not good eh. Could hurt somebody and umm, you’ll have to dig the crap back out.

2:40, say yer putting the tar on nice 'n thick but can see 1 of your guys ROLLING it on (3:40) , that’s not thick, its thin.

Say this now, at least its being done on the outside but it DOES matter HOW it done

Says the tar is NOT the primary waterproofing…the air gap membrane aka PLATON is. Hmmmm. What’s MOST important when it comes to sealing/waterproofing the wall, cracks is…what you use, ADHERE to the WALL hence, that PLATON is not whats most important in my honest opinion.

Even one of your own in Canada says…
Near the end…‘System PLATON(heavy black plastic mats with bumps on one side) is NOT waterproofing…these products are not intended to stop water and they don’t. If a contractor were to suggest, imply that this is waterproofing they would certainly be guilty of of fundamental misrepresentation at best…’

And about 1/2 way down on John’s article, Waterproofing an existing home…
BACKFILL…backfill with clean stone only (not a piddly 6 inches/the whole thing)

Because as we see 12:10 to the end, these guys backfilled with about 2’ or so of stone, then backfilled the rest with clay etc.

10:30, says LOTS of gravel. Nope, not enough sowy.
Also says THAT AMOUNT ‘relieves pressure up against the house (wall)’.
Ummm, not much…not when you backfill with about 4’ of clay. Your putting back quite a bit and so the walls will still have quite a bit of pressure against them due to the clay you backfilled with, got it?

7:35 says, ‘The great thing about this stuff is (the platon bulshtt), if the foundation moves or cracks in the future…it will bridge any cracks’

Well first of all, say again, you increased the chance, the likelihood of the wall moving and cracks occurring because you backfilled with about 4’ of clay and that dimpled stuff has GAPS along the top (at least) hence, water will indeed get BEHIND it, it’ll get between the wall and the backside of yer Platon stuff and since you applied thin tar, it doesn’t, it won’t BRIDGE possible future cracks, nope.

That’s why using hydraulic cement and then THICK tar and visqueen FIRST, is whars best for the walls, the dimpled membrane/Platon is NOT a primary waterproofing material.

And…‘let’s the wall BREATHE?’ Huh? Cmon man! :mrgreen:

If the basement window(s) leak, they’ll need to be fixed/sealed or removed, replaced.
Placing a window well will not keep all water. wind blown rain off the windows, lotsa luck.

I agree John, quite a joke.

Installing a damp proofing and calling it a waterproofing.

Adding a drainage matt and calling it a waterproofing.
Oh, and don’t forget, the drainage matt will protect from movement cracks in the foundation as they indicated. Wow! no wonder things get so screw up out there, they don’t have a clue or had bad teachers. One or the other or both. :slight_smile:

They let the foundation coating drip down on the footing extra heavy to provide protection to the most vunerable area to basement leaks only to use the drainage board to direct all the water to the area.

The product they installed is similar to what I call Hydroduct 220 used in the Bituthane 3000 system by Grace. The only thing they are missing is the Fabric to prevent clogging of the drainage matt for soil fines.

First you use a real waterproofing membrane installed;

Then you install the hydroduct drainage matt;

It directs the water directly to the underdrain.

I will go with your coating and 6 mil poly before what they are doing.

…was going to ask you how thick that stuff is but I found it sir.

Back to that video and 1 of his statements/claims for a sec,
he puts in around 2’ of stone backfill and then about 4’ of clay/soil and said it, relieves pressure against the house/the wall.

Say again, if one wants to relieve, reduce ‘pressure, lateral soil pressure against the house/foundation wall’, then…you need to backfill with ALL stone/gravel baby.

Putting 4’ or so of clay back in, on top of about 2’ of stone, may relieve a little pressure against the BOTTOM part of the wall where the 2’ of stone was backfilled but sheesh, ya still have 4’ of clay against 3’ of the wall which will still expand and contract against the wall.

So the clay, when it gets wet/rains, will still act upon the wall. It takes TIME for the water/rain to work its way THROUGH (down, gravity) that 4’ of clay, then it’ll eventually get to that 2’ of stone, not good enough, certainly not whats best.

The trenches they dug sure looks like they used a machine, trencher, whatever so, when you dig 'em that WIDE, its gonna cost ya quite a bit more to backfill them with all gravel…says they used 21 yards of stone.

Hi John,
I am the creator of the Basement Waterproofing video in Kingston, Ontario.
I would like to address some of your statements on this thread. I have been doing this type of work for several years now. I am the only waterproofing contractor that I know of that provides there clients with a lifetime transferable warranty. I do this because I am confident of the workmanship & products that I provide. As of to date I have never had a call back on a leaky basement repair.
There is nothing wrong with the waterproofing product that I use, perhaps you should actually research the product a bit before you go on line defaming it.
The Platon does everything I said it would in the video, & believe it or not, it does allow the wall to breath from the inside out drying up the foundation in a way that no other technology can match. Because this product is not adhered to the wall, walls can shift, crack and settle over the years without affecting this products remarkable performance.
I also have been excavating for longer then I can remember and yes I know the proper way to stack my soil so as not to cave in my trench.
John McEwen can state whatever opinion that he wants. The fact is I am not misrepresenting my company or services one bit. Even John wont provide his clients with a lifetime transferable warranty. Does he not have the same confidence in his work that I do?
It really doesn’t sound you like you have much experience in this business at all. No home needs to be backfilled to the top with gravel, it is only required over the big “O” approx. 8 inches. Just think of the environmental foot print of trucking away all that soil & then trucking back in more washed gravel to fill its void. Also, yes caulking up a window is a great idea, but what do you do when you look out your basement window and see water rising above it? I think window well drainage makes a whole lot of sense. I know this business is highly competitive and I am just wondering why a couple of so called home inspectors would be spending the time to trash my hard work & well intentioned video? Sincerely, Dan Weaver

Your waterproofing membrane is no more superior to what I use. However I have repaired similar membranes to yours in the past because they don’t always stay adheared to the wall over time.

The video says it will reduce the hydrostatic pressure if you listen. And yes the foundation walls can definately handle the lateral soil pressure with no problem. That is what they were designed to do in the first place!

A safe working trench around a house can never be to wide for safety reasons. First you say the trench is in danager of caveing in, then state that the trenches are to wide, and will use more gravel. Here in Canada we take safety very seriously!

What’s the matter uncle john, cat got your tounge?

Mr. Weaver,
Marcel and John are two of the most competent and quality minded long term builders/inspectors/members/contributors here. Most here would put their knowledge against anyone’s concerning their expertise.You may consider learning from some of their methods discussed. If you used the forum “search” function you would see what I mean. Good luck, to you.

I am very concerned about John & Marcel’s supposed expertise & why they believe that they have the right to critize my waterproofing methods on this thread. I believe these people to be biased, and have not even researched the products that they are dismissing as inadequate. They are under educated to this process & therefore not in a position to post defamatory comments about products that they are not familiar with.

…‘Someone’s knocking at the door, somebodys ringing the bell, someone’s knocking at the door, somebodys ringing duh bell…’ :-k
Well howdy doody Mr. Weaver sir :mrgreen:

‘Not too much experience in this business’??? lol

You say you’ve been doing this type of work for several years huh, ok wonderful.
Several years versus my old dumb azz 36 years of foundation repair/basement waterproofing, gee whizzers, wonder which has more hands on experience #-o

And hello and thank you Mr Kage :wink:

Now umm, lemme see here…
yet another who posts a video and-or writes an article on this subject that actually thinks/believes they know all and, knows all in a matter of…several years ](*,)

Research the product, research this subject? lolol Please, I HIGHLY doubt anyone on this planet (dunno about Mars, Saturn etc eh). has done more research or has more hands—on experience doing this job brother Weaver.

Say again, ONE thing that bugs my azz are those who post vid’s or write articles on this subject who profess somehow, magically, with little or no experience DOING this job, know all about it, knows waaay more than my old dumb az.
Nonsense sir! All due respect to you as a man etc but, yer umm, a DREAM Weaver sir…got that?

That platon could be a little useful WHEN and IF, a) one FIRST seals the wall correctly
b) if one is backfilling with equipment
BUTT…in my honest, exxxxperienced 36 years of DOING THIS JOB, it should not be used OR stated that it is the PRIMARY means of waterproofing because it ISN’T.

We’ve pulled that stuff off quite a few basement walls (put on by some builders or DIY homeowners or some waterproofing outfits) because…
THEY did not SEAL the basement wall correctly nor did they backfill the wall correctly, hence the leak(s) continued and we were called. Got MILK? #-o

Let me get this out before my old azz forgets…if you stay-continue in this business you VERY likely will see/find out soon enough, the shtt i’m talking about.
I mean come on man, several years doing this…whats that mean, several jobs, a hundred jobs over several years? Whatever it is, you’ll find out at least some of the points I brought up, yeppers.

Yeah, when I was younger and was several years into this business I thought I had a pretty good handle on this subject too. Nope, never did any video, never wrote any article thinking I was Mr Goodbar, Mr Bullwinkle like some :mrgreen:. But TIME and experience showed my dumb azz I still had ALOT to learn!!!

Platon does not ‘bridge gaps, cracks’…that is misleading.
Water aka rain, can get BEHIND that membrane hence, one of the most important things is HOW, WHAT one uses that sticks to the wall and as always, how and with what one uses as backfill against-the-wall.

Danno, you backfill with whatever and however you like…ok. It’s your job and your guarantee.

I’m simply saying it is BEST for the homeowner, it’s BEST for the basement wall to backfill with most–all gravel, from the footing all the way up…yep.

If you wanna dig those trenches that wide, fine, again do what you want, its your shtt. But you can’t have it both ways man, you can’t say your doing the best job, best materials etc when your not…again, best to backfill with most-all gravel, NOT backfill as you did in video with quite a bit of the same old buslhtt soil.

And when you ROLL ON tar etc, or spray on as others do, imo, that’s whats called damproofing, its too thin, doesn’t last as my guys and I have seen over decades eh.

Safety? lol A wide trench doesn NOT equal safety man! lolol jesus.
Say this again too, when ANYONE places excavated soil near, next to an open trench, the WEIGHT of THAT soil can indeed help CAUSE a CAVE IN baby, yes it can. I hope you, your guys do NOT find out the hard way.

Do you know that using heavy equipment along, next-to, basement walls can add enough surcharge pressure and cause a crack(S) in the basement walls or even cause a wall to bow in? :-k

Lifetime guarantee in THIS business is, in my honest experienced opinion, pretty much bullshttt, yep. Yeah, sounds good to homeowners but pretty much just a ploy used by many (especially inside system companies), to get THE JOB.

I have never and will never offer a lifetime guarantee on ANY waterproofing/foundation repair job, NOPE. Know why? lol
Because again, time and experience has shown my old azz that cracks can occur 'n leak and-or walls can bow in 'n leak on walls already waterproofed, on walls that were REBUILT, on walls where the homeowner was talked into and paid for carbon fiber straps or wall anchors or beams etc etc.

One can only learn all they can on this subject and then APPLY that knowledge and try and inform homeowners as to whats best for them, their basement wall, the leak etc. DOING the JOB, over and over, for decades imo, is the ONLY way one is going to see, learn whats best, yes sir.

Here’s a little some for ya…unbiased eh. Scroll down to,
Basement Wall Damage, Cause and…Resolution.
…‘Depending on the extent of damage, foundation walls MAY need to be replaced while OTHERS can be repaired. To prevent FUTURE damage, the clay MUST be removed and replaced with sandy or gravelly soils…’

And as John M knows and states, backfill with all gravel…all the way UP.
Not 2’ or so and then backfill with the same garbage soil.

Eh Dan, if anything am glad to see you, your vid doing the job on the outside!
And as I stated, you prolly are a good ole dude man, just pointed out a couple things is all. Hate the inside system incompetent and often fraudulous chumps/companies who lie to and cheat many homeowners, yes sir.

Ok John, I get it.
I really am doing what I think is best for my clients.
I provide them with dry & solid basements… period. I always come through with what I promise a client. I still have great faith in the Platon & Delta board. They are both advertised by the manufactor as a waterproof membrane foundation wrap. It does say has been tested and it bridges future cracks and settling. So are they misrepresenting them selves too? I highly doubt it. They have the following approvals; Canada CCMC 12266R , CCMC 12878R, BMEC 91-6-154 & USA ICC-ES Report ESR-2767.
As I stated before this is a very competitive business and everyone thinks their technics & products are the very best. This product does work for me & my clients. The fact that I can confidently provide my clients with a lifetime transferable warranty and you do not, says something to me & my clients.
I will continue to post videos of my work online. Also, you keep saying that the tar is not thick enough because you can see it being rolled on, but what you didn’t see was the mulitiple coats that we installed. This tar is meant for damp proofing only. The Platon is my waterproof membrane, it works excellent & is in no way an inferior product.
I can argue with you for ever about the merrits of my waterproofing technics compared to yours. In the end it is about keeping my clients dry & happy. This is what I do.

John, you are both business men. It is better left outside the MB seeing as this can go outside InterNACHI.
Dan Weave, we all grow and educate in life. To say one system you have been employing for xx years is better than another is closing the door to learning.

Remember, we can not see under ground surrounding foundation but we can insure what is place there as water proofing and back fill will insure the work is the best product we can offer our prospective clients.

I can see you are a firm man of moral application and conviction. A life time transferable warranty is you honor remember, we always improve as well as manufactures application methods and the evolution of materials.

I recommend talking with John off the message board and will also recommend this tread be ended or good thoughts be applied to Dan Weave and his good company name and warranty policy.

John, you must be learn to ease on the narratives that can turn around and become litigation clams of slander.
You can effect a mans business and livelihood sir.
The old adage is for everyone to remember, buyer beware.
I fell Dan Weave is a good man will to move head.

It would be an idea to remove some of the posts.
Just my 2 cents.

All the best everyone.

LOllllllllllllllll!!! Really man?

I’m not ‘easing’ on dogshtt as facts and the truth on this stinky az subject are just that. Sometimes the truth hurts a bit eh.

Jesus kristams, too many people on this planet are puzzies.

You say, SLANDER??? My azzz!!!

Go right ahead and try and sue my az, anyone, step right up. DO IT.

I will not remove any of my posts.

Robert, so Dan is a good, firm man of moral application and conviction and umm, i’m not eh? lolol

And I hope I do effect SOME of the inside system terds business, dang right baby!!!


lol, just because some company states something about their product doesn’t at all mean its true, lol.

I mean come on, how about Drylok and the crrrrap they state about their paint?
You belive that shtt? lololol

Your lifetime guarantee says what about you and me? Whats that? LOLOL

What it REALLY means is, in my dang opinion, that you do not yet know/understand enough on THIS subject and think/believe you and your guarantee and membrane is better than mine or anyone else’s, based on a SEVERAL YEARS of doing this work!?!? Okie dokie, LOTS of luck with that man.

Dan, just watched most of your last video…

6:10 ish, you claim you are the only ones in Kingston to offer a full LIFETIME transferable warranty good for…umm, 25 years.

25 years isn’t lifetime man. lolol.

And in about 3 minutes, found at least 2 other waterproofing co’s in Kingston that offer lifetime trans warranty, so whats up with those 2 claims?

Your not the only waterproofing co that offers a lifetime trans guarantee and 25 years isn’t LIFETIME! sheeeeshh

John, please calm down a bit.
I never said that your system was inadequate. I am just saying that mine is just as good in my opinion.
As far as the difference between you and me with the warranty is that I have the confidence to stand behind mine for years to come in the future and you do not. That’s the difference. Clients spend a lot of money to have this work done. It should only need to be done once. Clients appreciate this added guarantee.

When I am a guest in someones house I do not insult the company.

Well, John is a quest and I completely back up what he said based on my 40 years plus of building and basement waterproofing in the commercial sector.
The product used was a damp proofing not a waterproofing and the membrane talked about is a drainage board and protection board that is desiged for protecting a waterproofing system and allowing water down to the drainage tile. The way it was installed, it directs the water to the most vulnerable part of the foundation before it gets to the drainage tile.

Other things wrong in the video and I agree with John on the trenching and backfill material.

Maybe some are lucky that nothing goes wrong. :slight_smile:

Hi ya Marcel :wink:

Dear Robert :mrgreen:
Hey man, all I’ve done is try 'n post duh facts, if it hurts ‘some peeps/companies’, oh well.

Robert :mrgreen: lol
First HE said, he gives a LIFETIME warranty…right?
If you watch that LAST video at 6:10 mark, he says Lifetime but THEN says 25 years? Come on.

He also stated how well he has researched this subject and that I/we have not. YET, on that last video at 6:10, he says he is the ONLY company in Kingston to offer a lifetime/trans etc warranty BUTT, he is mistaken as there are at least 2 others who offer lifetime/trans guarantees…hmmm.

In your house? I guess if you wanna put it that way, I am, and have been.:mrgreen:
So NOW you want me to PAY, would that make you feel better sir?

Look, I’ve seen/read numerous posts for about a decade or so on HERE where some of you guys have gone on and on and disagreed etc etc, no biggie.
So just because Dan or someone else may come on here and we disagree, whats the fluff about baby? You really think ‘I’ might cost him business pointing out a few facts OR maybe, the TRUTH may cost him business.

Here’s that last video…
Robert…6:10, WHY does he first claim he offers a lifetime warranty and then says its…25 years. When did 25 years become…lifetime?

Why claim he is the only company in/around Kingston who offers a lifetime/trans etc warranty when they are at least 2 others, likely more. Just asking.

Have talked with this good ole Canadian guy, he also has much more experience than Dan.
Not knocking Dan on THAT, we all start somewhere eh. But you don’t think its more likely that John or Marcel or maybe even my old azz knows a few more things than Dan? And maybe, he may learn something from his visit here…eh.
Maybe read it, learn something. He has a pretty good sense of humor too, eh.
Little more than halfway down, WATERPROOFING an Existing House…
BACKFILL…'with clean stone only (not a piddly 6 inches/the WHOLE thing)

All Uncle Bubba did was POINT OUT that, in Dan’s vid or anyone else, it would be best to backfill with ALL gravel, not a few inches, not 2’ and then the rest clay etc.

Near the end of article…What ISN’T a Waterproof Membrane…PLATON (heavy black plastic mats with bumps on one side) is not waterproofing.

I’ll say this about Mr Dan, at least he applies tar on the wall(s) as quite a few do NOT. They ONLY place/attach the Platon and doing just THAT is incompetent crap, misleading etc.

All Bubbamilk did was point out, that Platon is not waterproofing. Yet sure appears to my old dumb az that someone else came on HERE and starting dumping BEFORE they bothered to read, understand my dang points.