here's a crew 4 you, doing ext waterproofing & backfilling ALL of the same clay

and they did not use/apply any hydraulic cement in/over the exterior cracks, these kinds of jobs do not last, lots of luck. Some homeowners think they’re saving money (I asked the rookie what they charge) when they hire these kinds of outfits, not. It costs aound $350-400 to haul the soil away and depending on the size of the job, peastone will cost around $150–300+…

WHY backfill with most–all gravel? Here’s one of several unbiased opinions on WHY… duh
6th 6th 6th 6th 6th… lol SIXTH paragraph

Or find and read Fairfax county VA link or John McEwens link, you should be backfilling with all gravel baby.

One example for now, 2 years prior to us doing the exterior waterproofing here, photo album, the homeowners hired somebody else who backfilled with all of the same shtty soil! And used very little hydraulic cement in the cracks you see in photos hence, it didn’t last man!! looolll You thought you were SAVING MONEY but, duhhh, you didn’t, you paid TWICE!!!

And some wonder why i biiiiiitach, looooooooooooooooooooooooooool.
People are getting ripped off man!!!

loool so Nachi ganged up and 86 the thermal imaging post, wow… embarrassing.
Never said thermal imaging wasn’t a helpful tool for OTHER things. I said, NOT for diagnosing leaky basements and some Nachi inspectors got all upset didn’t they. Apparently THEY don’t read/understand what i wrote and that’s partly what I get frustrated with when they come on here ragging and crying, they just don’t want to THINK or READ or watch the videos or look at all the photos… in order to understand what I’m explaining, god. loool

What was posted that some didn’t want others to read? We know.

Here’s more proof why contractors should use/apply hydraulic cement FIRST, before tarring the dumb basement wall… and why they should backfill with most–all gravel
Chimney leak, was done before… HO out that $$$ and now spending more.
Do it right the first time would ya please!

digging it down, what do we have?

still digging…

dug out, in duh hole looking up at the crack
lame thought to think vertical drain tiles filled with gravel is all you need , somehow is enough drainage to keep water off the wall, off the crack, duh!!

IF they had used/applied hydraulic cement before slapping on the tar and, IF they had backfilled with all gravel then the homeowner would NOT have had to spend more money, idiots.

Tar and visqueen etc gets pulled down when that same shtty soil you backfill with, settles, re–exposing the crack, usually the top 1-2’ of these vertical cracks thus allowing water to re–enter, morons.

Some of these cracks widen so the tar (depending on how THICK or thin its applied) doesn’t always BRIDGE these cracks, errr keep the cracks sealed so that no water enters, sheesh.

Video, same shtt… 1:55 or so, the small area of the drive–side you can see tar, same thing on the front corner… so somebody previously did another 1/2 azzed job outside and, someone else installed an interior basement system just before the homeowners hired us. Yes, they got screwed on the outside… out that money (still leaked duh!) and then they got lied to by the interior system idiots, out even more money!

Nachi allows interior basement system companies to go to chapter meetings and talk to Nachi inspectors… WHY?

How is THAT ok, but when I post videos, photos etc, its NOT ok? Morons, double standard bs

Say it again, answer the questions man, god this is so weak… Nachi allows INTERIOR basement system companies to go to inspector meetings and talk their crap to Nachi members… that’s A ok.
WHO thinks its a good idea for interior companies to throw all their crap at Nachi members?
I’ve never seen/read that Nachi had an experienced exterior waterproofing contractor at any Nachi chapter meeting, hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm