An insurer would not accept an HIs wind mit

I received notification from an insurer, that they do not have to accept a HI license for wind mits.
From the form:
“Other individual or entity recognized by the insurer as possessing the necessary qualifications to properly complete this form
pursuant to Section 627.711(2)(f), Florida Statutes.”

The Statute states:
An insurer shall accept as valid a uniform mitigation verification form signed by the following authorized mitigation inspectors:
1. A home inspector licensed under s. 468.8314 who has completed at least 3 hours of hurricane mitigation training approved by the Construction Industry Licensing Board which includes hurricane mitigation techniques and compliance with the uniform mitigation verification form and completion of a proficiency exam;
2. A building code inspector certified under s. 468.607;
3. A general, building, or residential contractor licensed under s. 489.111;
4. A professional engineer licensed under s. 471.015;
5. A professional architect licensed under s. 481.213; or
6. Any other individual or entity recognized by the insurer as possessing the necessary qualifications to properly complete a uniform mitigation verification form.
(b) An insurer may, but is not required to, accept a form from any other person possessing qualifications and experience acceptable to the insurer.
(3) A person who is authorized to sign a mitigation verification form must inspect the structures referenced by the form personally

I would suggest they read the statute :mrgreen:


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Technically, the insurer is correct. If you read your posted statute carefully there are more requirements than simply being a “licensed home inspector” in order to be eligible to participate in the program.

This means that, indeed, a simple home inspector license is NOT what is required to prove eligibility. It is only a part of the requirements. The statute raises the bar above simply having a home inspector license.

An insurer would be within their rights and be exercising their due diligence to require licensed home inspectors to provide proof of their compliance with all of the additional requirements, as well.

I totally agree with you. However, their underwriting memo indicated they would only accept a Building Inspector, Engineer, Architect, and Contractor.

It was only AFTER I called to get more info they said we could send proof of the wind mitigation training which of course, I am happy to provide to them.

What if I had not stood up for this inspector and pushed the issue? The Insurance Agent had the clear impression that this underwriter would not accept a Home Inspectors wind mit.

That memo in my opinion was damaging to home inspectors. :frowning:

They did, and you lose.
No offense.

Agreed. However,

Their underwriting memo (which is not being published) just says they will not take it from a Home Inspector.

It does not say “We will take it from a home inspector if he shows us proof of his training”

So, the insurance agent was under the impression that home inspectors as an entity are not acceptable.

Sounds as if certain policies were not updated when licensing went into effect. No surprise.

I asked her that exact question. She said it wasn’t the case they just chose to write the memo in that manner and if they Insurance Agent had called to question it they would have told the agent to send in the Home Inspectors Certificate… My question is… Why not just say that instead of making the agent send me a stressed out email about how this home inspectors wind mit is not acceptable?

It is obvious that they plan to determine on a case-by-case basis whether or not a home inspector is eligible and are not implementing a blanket acceptance.

Frankly, it makes sense.

Yes, in light of all the issues you (FL. inspectors) guys claim to have had in the past.

You will and should win.

I’ll take any bets to the contrary.

Please keep us posted.

It is why I include my license and wind mitigation course completion certificate with every inspection. Never been questioned.

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