Who can inspect what?

I became a Certified Home Inspector because I heard that after March 1 only Home Inspectors could do Home Inspections (4 Point and Real Estate Inspections).

I am now learning that Home Inspectors cannot do Wind Mit’s (Rood Cert’s).?.?

So if someone needs a 4 Point and a Wind Mit the inspector must be a Home Inspector and a GC?

Is this correct?


You can do them with a HI license only. Take a wind mit class and electrical. I recommend roofing and plumbing also. Call me if you need help


When you say you can do “them” is “them” the Wind Mit?
I took the Nachi Wind Mit class online. Is that the class that is required? If not which class are you referring to specifically?..and why is Electrical required? I have taken Nachi’s Electrical, Plumbing and Roofing. Are these the classes that you are referring to?


Can you give me a link to where it states that a HI can do Wind Mit’s? I haven’t been able to find it anywhere.


I’ll do you one better, here is the law:


Notice of premium discounts for hurricane loss mitigation; uniform mitigation verification inspection form.

(1) Using a form prescribed by the Office of Insurance Regulation, the insurer shall clearly notify the applicant or policyholder of any personal lines residential property insurance policy, at the time of the issuance of the policy and at each renewal, of the availability and the range of each premium discount, credit, other rate differential, or reduction in deductibles, and combinations of discounts, credits, rate differentials, or reductions in deductibles, for properties on which fixtures or construction techniques demonstrated to reduce the amount of loss in a windstorm can be or have been installed or implemented. The prescribed form shall describe generally what actions the policyholders may be able to take to reduce their windstorm premium. The prescribed form and a list of such ranges approved by the office for each insurer licensed in the state and providing such discounts, credits, other rate differentials, or reductions in deductibles for properties described in this subsection shall be available for electronic viewing and download from the Department of Financial Services’ or the Office of Insurance Regulation’s Internet website. The Financial Services Commission may adopt rules to implement this subsection.

(2)(a) The Financial Services Commission shall develop by rule a uniform mitigation verification inspection form that shall be used by all insurers when submitted by policyholders for the purpose of factoring discounts for wind insurance. In developing the form, the commission shall seek input from insurance, construction, and building code representatives. Further, the commission shall provide guidance as to the length of time the inspection results are valid. An insurer shall accept as valid a uniform mitigation verification form signed by the following authorized mitigation inspectors:

1. A home inspector licensed under s. 468.8314 who has completed at least 3 hours of hurricane mitigation training which includes hurricane mitigation techniques and compliance with the uniform mitigation verification form and completion of a proficiency exam. Thereafter, home inspectors licensed under s. 468.8314 must complete at least 2 hours of continuing education, as part of the existing licensure renewal requirements each year, related to mitigation inspection and the uniform mitigation form;
2. A building code inspector certified under s. 468.607;3. A general, building, or residential contractor licensed under s. 489.111;4. A professional engineer licensed under s. 471.015;5. A professional architect licensed under s. 481.213; or

  1. Any other individual or entity recognized by the insurer as possessing the necessary qualifications to properly complete a uniform mitigation verification form.
    2(b) An insurer may, but is not required to, accept a form from any other person possessing qualifications and experience acceptable to the insurer.

(3) A person who is authorized to sign a mitigation verification form must inspect the structures referenced by the form personally, not through employees or other persons, and must certify or attest to personal inspection of the structures referenced by the form. However, licensees under s. 471.015 or s. 489.111 may authorize a direct employee, who is not an independent contractor, and who possesses the requisite skill, knowledge and experience, to conduct a mitigation verification inspection. Insurers shall have the right to request and obtain information from the authorized mitigation inspector under s. 471.015 or s. 489.111, regarding any authorized employee’s qualifications prior to accepting a mitigation verification form performed by an employee that is not licensed under s. 471.015 or s. 489.111.

(4) An authorized mitigation inspector that signs a uniform mitigation form, and a direct employee authorized to conduct mitigation verification inspections under paragraph (3), may not commit misconduct in performing hurricane mitigation inspections or in completing a uniform mitigation form that causes financial harm to a customer or their insurer; or that jeopardizes a customer’s health and safety. Misconduct occurs when an authorized mitigation inspector signs a uniform mitigation verification form that:

(a) Falsely indicates that he or she personally inspected the structures referenced by the form;
(b)Falsely indicates the existence of a feature which entitles an insured to a mitigation discount which the inspector knows does not exist or did not personally inspect;
©Contains erroneous information due to the gross negligence of the inspector; or
(d) Contains a pattern of demonstrably false information regarding the existence of mitigation features that could give an insured a false evaluation of the ability of the structure to withstand major damage from a hurricane endangering the safety of the insured’s life and property.

(5)The licensing board of an authorized mitigation inspector that violates subsection (4) may commence disciplinary proceedings and impose administrative fines and other sanctions authorized under the authorized mitigation inspector’s licensing act. Authorized mitigation inspectors licensed under s. 471.015 or s. 489.111 shall be directly liable for the acts of employees that violate subsection (4) as if the authorized mitigation inspector personally performed the inspection.

(6) An insurer, person, or other entity that obtains evidence of fraud or evidence that an authorized mitigation inspector or an employee authorized to conduct mitigation verification inspections under paragraph (3) has made false statements in the completion of a mitigation inspection form shall file a report with the Division of Insurance Fraud, along with all of the evidence in its possession that supports the allegation of fraud or falsity. An insurer, person, or other entity making the report shall be immune from liability, in accordance with s. 626.989(4), for any statements made in the report, during the investigation, or in connection with the report. The Division of Insurance Fraud shall issue an investigative report if it finds that probable cause exists to believe that the authorized mitigation inspector, or an employee authorized to conduct mitigation verification inspections under paragraph (3), made intentionally false or fraudulent statements in the inspection form. Upon conclusion of the investigation and a finding of probable cause that a violation has occurred, the Division of Insurance Fraud shall send a copy of the investigative report to the office and a copy to the agency responsible for the professional licensure of the authorized mitigation inspector, whether or not a prosecutor takes action based upon the report.

(7) An individual or entity who knowingly provides or utters a false or fraudulent mitigation verification form with the intent to obtain or receive a discount on an insurance premium to which the individual or entity is not entitled commits a misdemeanor of the first degree, punishable as provided in s. 775.082 or s. 775.083.

I include the law as well as my wind mit certificate with the form and pictures.

Thank you!
That’s exactly what I was looking for!

Thanks …Eric

Again a NACHI member comes to the Rescue .

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And here is how to print off your Wind Mitigation Inspection certificate of course completion: http://www.nachi.org/certificatesofcompletion.htm

What more could you possibly ask for from an organization, ask a question, get an answer and help from the top dog himself. NACHI does ROCK !

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Is there a 2-3 hours refresher cse NACHI privides on-line to qualify for the “Refresher Tng” each year they are talking about?

I think someone is working on a new coarse :wink:

Maybe, since the course is 16 credits, you can subtract the three needed, and then use two a year until you run out! :slight_smile:

Does this include roof inspections and wind mit inspections for Citizens Insurance?

Bruce Rankin
State of Florida Lic # HI4331

it wont matter much longer:


Gov. Rick Scott secretly pushed to kill Citizens Property Insurance before his term ends, the Sarasota Herald Tribune reported this weekend.

State-backed Citizens, with more than 1.3 million policies, has been targeted in years past with legislation aimed to eliminate the insurer. Legislators have not proposed doing that this year, but they have proposed shrinking the insurer by allowing hefty rate hikes and requiring it to drop policies for houses that would cost more than $500,000 to rebuild, moves that could effectively strip Citizens of most of its customers.

Many policyholders dumped by Citizens would have to find so-called surplus lines insurers that can charge as much as they want and are not fully regulated by the state. About half of Citizens’ policies are in South Florida.

Officials in Scott’s office said he does not want Citizens “phased out.” “He’s never said that,” Brian Burgess, a spokesman for Scott, wrote in an email.

Scott called for dramatically shrinking the insurer by raising rates during his campaign last year.

Amy Graham, a spokeswoman for Scott, said he hasn’t been secretive about that. “Governor Scott is committed to making Citizens the insurer of last resort. With the position we’re in now, Florida taxpayers would be on the hook for a major storm or hurricane. That’s not acceptable,” she wrote in an email. “The Legislature is still considering ways to fix this issue, but the governor has always been clear; he wants a vibrant, competitive private insurance market.”

Licensed Home Inspectors are approved to fill out the wind mitigation forms if you have taken the approved classes. You are also allowed to do the roof certs. Just make sure you have sent your information in to citizens ahead of time or your reports may be rejected.

Hello everybody.

Can a Florida licensed Home Inspector and member of NACHI do four-point and roof cert. inspections for Citizens Insurance?
Please Help…

Jaun where are you located?