An Officer and a Gentleman

I didn’t even remember that it had been filmed right here in Port Townsend.

It looks like we had Louis Gossett Jr. right here in town and I missed it. I really like him as an actor.

We had another famous actor who’s name escapes me at the Film Festival a few weeks ago.

**Daily News Flash **](
Lou Gossett Jr. all smiles during Fort Worden visit](
By Kathie Meyer, Leader Staff Writer

A man on a moped rides by, and Louis Gossett Jr., at Fort Worden State Park to film an interview for the 25th anniversary DVD of “An Officer and a Gentleman,” jokes: “That’s a Saturday Night Live shot right there. Richard Gere on a scooter 25 years later. From Harley to moped.”

One of my wife’s favorite movies.

As it is for most women I suspect. :wink:

I’ve been mandated to watch a movie with family tonight. Okay, I say but no chick flicks. Whats she pick up at the video store? Failure to Launch.

Damn it! :slight_smile:

That’s a movie? Sounds like a commercial for Viagra.


or a documentary on North Korea nukes.