And I thought a C-130 Hercules was big. Look at it next to a C-5 Galaxy


Have you ever had a chance to ride on either? Take it if you do it can be a very interesting ride!

I had a C-5 pilot tell me once upon a time that they can fit 6 Greyhound style tour buses inside with plenty of room to walk around them.

Sure hope they make them polluters electric soon! Wonder how they’ll charge the batteries?

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You’re not going to land that in a corn field…

Had one fly over our home yesterday (maybe 5k-10k feet) while taking my kiddos on a bike ride. It was flying perpendicular & at a similar elevation to a flight path into Austin-Bergstram. I guess they were lagging behind in oncoming traffic because they kicked up the engines pretty high for about 2 minutes to get that bird out of the way.

It was very cool for us to see.

Won’t be electric per the Pentagon. Instead they are going to use the energy of melting down Wokesters to propel it. :rofl:


Have a lot of time/miles in a C-5 back and forth between Germany and Korea to the US. Riding backwards at the tail with an AF box lunch looking down at the massive cargo beneath. In my day you had to pay $5 for trans oceanic flight. Bargain