Another Day in the Office

For my son. A bit more interesting than a home inspection.


Your son flying that thing Chuck?

What kind of plane is it? Bomber, fighter?:slight_smile:


What a life :slight_smile:

No. That’s not him flying it. He’s a Security Forces officer. I’m not sure why he was on that sortie. At the end of the year, he will PCS to Moody AFB in GA to join the 820th Base Defense Group It’s an interesting group in that they have no stateside mission. They just train and deploy (alot). They also have airborne capability so he will be jumping from planes too.

That’s a B2 Stealth Bomber being fueled by a KC135. That’s a $2+ billion aircraft you’re looking at out the door.

Thus the reason they are crystal clear on telling you where and where not to put your foot when servicing the aircraft. :slight_smile:

That’s a mighty fine “inspection” vehicle!