Air Force Pilot JBoerner

My boy just got news he’s one of America’s newest Air Force pilots! Couldn’t be more proud of him!!

Thats quite an accomplishment! Congratulations to him and your family.
Best and safe wishes!


That is some “chest swelling with pride” news for any dad. Congrats! He is among a distinguished group of Americans.

Congrats Billy!!!

Thanks everyone he’s worked hard every since he was little. Told me in the seventh grade. Dad if I keep straight A’s up through my Junior year in high school will you buy me a Black 65 mustang. Guess what he owns lol.

Honda X1000; two-wheels, 0-60 in a heartbeat.

WOW that is Awesome Billy. Congrats :smiley: :smiley:

Excellent!! Congrats, did not even know you had a son!! Does he have any interest in Home Inspections?

Congrats, Billy. My Daugher will be an Ensign in May.

They grow up sooooo fast.

Congratulations Billy. I’ve got a nephew flying missions (F18’s)over your location. He loves it, his wife doesn’t.

Congratulations to your son Billy!

Congratulations Billy

Thanks a million everyone!

Dave I have a 21 yr old son and a 17 yr old daughter! :slight_smile:

Be proud pops… Congrats.


Congrats to you and your son Billy!

congratulations! I didnt know you were THAT old either. My kids are same age as yours.

Very cool!

I know how he feels! I flew jet fighters (F105, F-4 and F-16) for 32 years. At least in the “old days” it was a fun and exciting career! I wish him congratulations snd s safe career!