And now NAHI also preparing to sue ASHI

It seems these ASHI guys love spending money on attorneys.

Interesting to note who the Registered Agent is for NAHI.

So, it’s illegal to use a trademark to direct to a different business. So, since I own Veteran Home Inspections as a registered mark, could I demand that anyone with a variation of that url transfer it to me?

You should ask your attorney that question.

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If you had a direct competitor with a totally different company name who was deceiving consumers with a domain name that tricked them away from you, yes, you could get them to stop doing that. Now if their company name is already similar to yours, or they aren’t a competitor in the same industry, no, you can’t do anything about it.

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Isn’t that similar to what NAHI did to NACHI? Then the name of this organization was changed to InterNACHI?

No. If you use the search tools of this message board you will discover that NACHI (back then) held an online contest for a new logo for InterNACHI (which we had just formed). That contest paid out $1,000 to the winner and is a very well documented date when it occurred. We were going to InterNACHI because other countries view the word “national” in a negative light. It either means nationalism or USA. We wanted to expand into other countries and so needed to form InterNACHI.

Anyway, if you look at the date NAHI sued us, it is 7 months after we had the contest and were already working on launching InterNACHI. So they didn’t force us to change our name, it was already happening 7 months earlier.

As soon as I was served, instead of alerting them that we were launching InterNACHI and dropping NACHI… I did the reverse. I put the brakes on InterNACHI so that NAHI would enter into a legal battle with us. I dragged that out for years. We let them think that they were forcing us to change our name, when in fact we were only pretending we didn’t want to change our name. It’s called a Mongolian Feigned Retreat. Anyway, that forced them to spend all their money on lawyers instead of membership benefits. Ultimately, being unable to keep up with us in membership benefits, they went under. It’s a great business story and of course they made a huge mistake that cost them their entire organization.

I then scooped up the scraps and reformed them: . I’m now the Exec Director of NAHI.

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Here is my favorite 11-second video. LOL. I do a great imitation of this woman, her accent is so awesome:

Anyway, how you respond to jerks who sue you, develops a case history. Your case history is kind of like your credit report in a way. Always try to cause the plaintiff to spend 50 times what they thought it would cost. Once you earn a reputation of doing that, only absolute idiots (like ASHI) file frivolous claims against you in the future. I think this is a system, we should all adopt in America and punish these jerks for filing suits. We need insurance companies to step up as well and adopt a policy of never settling. No matter how long it drags out, keep fighting and fighting so the next ASHI-type jerk thinks twice. These plaintiff’s attorneys are ruining our country.

And ultimately, this thinking lead InterNACHI to form its own insurance company to defend attacks against our members:

That’s funny, search the newly “sanitized” message board for the white-washed story about what really transpired. Maybe it’s in the same place as all the Nathan Thornberry posts.

Aren’t you the plaintiff in the above referenced suit, since you run NAHI?

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Yes. ASHI sued us first though. That’s my point.

I just remember an alleging trademark, unfair competition, defamation, and similar claims
between the parties (NAHI and NACHI), settled on July 10, 2007. With NACHI being the defendant.

Yep. Making us a defendant is the kiss of death for plaintiffs. That fat president of ASHI is gonna find that out. What a piece of work he is. I’m producing a documentary about him. He’s going to be famous.

I guess I shouldn’t call him fat, I’m pushing about 220 myself. :wink:

OK, more like 225. LOL.

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Anyway, when you give money to ASHI, people like Mike Wagner, president of ASHI, use your money to hire lawyers to attack me and my wife and baby. He has ASHI suing me personally. Here is a PIC of his face:

Can we get NAHI certification now? I need another badge

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Welcome back to our forum, Garett!..Enjoy! :smile: