NAHI closed their doors. Third largest inspection association is out of business.

They simply couldn’t compete with

Very interesting is there any more info you can post at this time

They officially closed today. We took so many of their members this year, it was getting ridiculous for them to continue.

What about the NAHI exam? Isn’t it required by some states for licensing?

Nope. I had that thrown out almost everywhere. Good riddance.

Looking at how poor some Canadian associations are doing ,
I would not be surprised to see this happen here .

Haha, InterNACHI keeps getting better and better! What about ASHI, is that next? I looked at also getting an ASHI membership, but I have everything here and plus some!

Yep, one last mini-association to get rid of and the inspection industry will be unified… and I’ll retire.

NIck you can now call it NACHI legally. :)…if you wish.

Not under terms of the settled lawsuit. And just because they close their doors does not mean the name is still not registered and under their control.

We formed InterNACHI a year before NAHI came along crying about their name. We only dragged them out in court to bankrupt them. That’s what you do when you have in-house counsel. Anyway, the word “national” just doesn’t play in countries abroad. Even Canadians view it as Yankee. InterNACHI is international and works everywhere.

InterNACHI is the first trade association in any industry to wrap the globe with operations in 9 different languages and 65 countries.

Planet InterNACHI… resistance is futile.

So your plan is to have just one associate bout time I retire! Makes it easy for everybody! Just join InterNACHI :smiley:

InterNACHI took more than 1/2 of NAHI’s members since just this past January. They just couldn’t continue financially.

Nick should send an email to every REA and REA office broker telling them the situation. And, to use InterNACHI or CMI’s instead.

Yep. And we’re nearly there. Most home inspectors are members of InterNACHI:

That is a great idea!! C’mon Nick!

It appears that NAHI merged with ASHI.

You may have your initialisms confused.



Opps!! my bad then, Should of known National Home Inspector Exam