I just found the new NAHI lawsuit information

I just found this on another discussion board.

Sounds like November 20, 2007 might be interesting around here.

FYI - That link to TIJ also has some PDF files of the actual court documents for your downloading & revew.

Why will it be interesting? The NACHI website and marketing for the most part have already been changed to InterNACHI. The courts will no doubt realize that it takes a tremendous amount of time to change the millions of pages of NACHI content to InterNACHI. The courts are normally looking for a good faith attempt to comply with their orders. It appears NACHI is making that effort. Remember NACHI doesn’t have to cease to exist, just make itself more visible to the public as InterNACHI…

Tracy writes:

Changes have long been made. Nothing new will change on November 20th: http://www.nachi.org/confusion.htm

Will, You really should read the Judges decision before making such a statement. The Judge does not seem to agree that Nick/InsterNachi has made a good faith effort to change, hence his dicision as stated:

[FONT=Trebuchet MS,Verdana, Arial]*The Court visited both of Defendant’s websites on November 9, 2007, and found that neither site reveals any noticeable effort in changing the occurrences of “NACHI” to “INTERNACHI.” For." For example, the websites continue to utilize the NACHI name in almost all aspects of its website, including, but not limited to: (1) the front page; (2) “What’s New”; (3) “Upcoming Events”; (4) “Membership Application”; (5) “Code of Ethics”; and (6) “Message Board.”

Although the settlement agreement does not provide a specific deadline for completing the name changeover, it has now been four months since the July 10,2007 settlement - and it appears that Defendant has made little to no effort to comply with its settlement obligation on this point.

The Court does not accept the argument that, apart from the change in the logo from NACHI to INTERNACHI, changing the word “NACHI” to “INTERNACHI” on its website would require any herculean effort and that the change could not be commenced immediately; four months have already transpired since the settlement agreement. Defendant’s website is under its exclusive control. Therefore, the Court finds that Defendant is in breach of this term of the settlement agreement.


[/FONT][FONT=Trebuchet MS,Verdana, Arial](4) ORDERS that if Defendant does not replace the instances of “NACHI” with “INTERNACHI” by November 20,2007, the Court ORDERS that Defendant shut down and remove from the internet the NACHI.org and INTERNACHI.org websites until such time that Defendant can comply with its obligation under the settlement agreement to replace the instances of “NACHI” with “INTERNACHI.”

Kind of hard to put a spin on that order from the Judge.

If I was a betting man I think I would put all my money on NICK before I invested 15 cents on you and ( Tracy Schoop ).
be interesting to see what you two wind bags can come up with next.
… Cookie

I know you never responded to this ridiculous and meaningless procedure Nick, but when you did “reply” :

On September 17,2007, Defendant filed a Reply to Plaintiffs Response arguing that: (1)
changing all references from “NACHI” to “INTERNACHI” requires a substantial and timeconsuming
effort; (2) Defendant’s members will be required to switch to the "INTERNACHI"
name once the new INTERNACHI.org site is launched;

Isn’t that “New”? I left the argument back in July, when the official InterNachi position, as stated by you, was that members were not effected in any way by the agreement reached between you and NAHI




Nothing to invest, Coookie. This was not manufactured be me or anyone else. It is the result of Nick thinking that he did not need to do what was agreed upon. The only person that is coming up with anything is Nick. It is hard to understand why nobody at InterNachi understands the court order. It is not that difficult to read or understand.

Tracy, incorrect. I am not now, nor have I ever been a party to the lawsuit. They sued the National Association of Certified Home Inspectors, Inc. out of venue in the state where their attorney resides to make it expensive to defend. I was never named as a defendant, although I begged to be.


BTW, the Judge dismissed the suit this past Friday afternoon and let me know this morning.

Roy, Roy…You said much the same thing 4 months ago about my arguments over Nick’s great victory, yet it seems that I was right and you were wrong, again. I don’t know Tracy and don’t remember him being around 4 months ago, but as for me, I’ve came up with nothing, I just read the original settlement, the Pack’s Penile Inplant response, Nick’s first New logo, etc. and came to the same decision as the Judge in Michigan did.

What I find truly funny is the total lack of response here about this Court Decision, especially after all the celebration back in July over the Great Victory, but that was back when you were still Nachi and the story was that Nick had outwitted the lawyers by not having a set date for changes to be made and that Members would not be effected in any way by the agreement, I see reality still hasn’t set in here in Nick’s World, it probably never will.

It is nice to see that Nick adopted the original InterNachi Logo, with modifications, that he and I argued about using back in July when he accused me of confusing members by posting it, it appears that it may have been Nick himself who was confused, especially now that he says ALL MEMBERS must change their Marketing materials to InterNachi.

To get in trouble here Roy you don’t need to “come up” with anything, you just need to be able to read and be willing to oppose the Pack when it is wrong, which is most often, especially when it comes to Legal interpretations.

Easy Mario!:wink: :stuck_out_tongue: :mrgreen:

YEP and this is just same OH! same OH! we have gone through for many years .
Still NACHI is the biggest Best Home Inspection and best BB around. and you know what in two days it will still be the biggest best and you will be looking for some other dirt to try and spread.
I like you but I do wonder when you are going to see the light at the end of the Tunnel is not a train comming it is just bright day light .
36 Days till Christmas .
Have you started your shopping yet .
NOW! That is some thing important to get concerned about .
Season Greeting to all !


You have to admit Mario is not shy and he definatly has the abillity to say it like it is .
Thanks MARIO you are # one with me .
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Originally Posted by mkyriacou

Easy Mario!:wink: :razz: :mrgreen:

Have you are any of the other morons that have nothing else to do bothered to look at the interNACHI website at all or are you just trying to stir up the pot.:smiley:

All I see is internachi everywhere and has been there for a while.

No one would believe me if I said that we had plans to change to the “new” logo long before this dismissed lawsuit was ever even filed.

So here is the link from the archived message board: http://www.nachi.org/bbsystem/viewtopic.php?t=9032 You might want to look at the date on that thread and the winning logo concept on page 7 of that thread, then compare it to the so called “new” logo concept in the top left corner of every page of www.nachi.org

Now perhaps you see why we didn’t even defend this motion.

You got to love it and all our brothers from the North. You all do have a way of putting things. I deeply admire it!:slight_smile: