InterNACHI sued defunct NAHI today.

What damages do you expect to claim? In addition what harm was done to

I have entire file cabinet full of stuff. This is only the beginning.

What makes NACHI think they have a right to any NAHI member information for any purpose? You sure wouldn’t want me on the jury. You would be paying their legal fees. They are dead and gone and no longer and issue. :roll:

Stephen writes:

What lawsuit are you reading??? Where do you see that demand?

You guys must have way too much time on your hands. Go fishing play golf. You’re kicking a dead dog to death.
Greed will kill you

Winning apparently is not enough, it must be accompanied by a measure of vindictiveness. Not unlike the IR Patent threats against inspectors that caused me to end my membership.

We didn’t draw first blood in either war Chuck. In both cases you referenced, they sued us first… big mistake on their part… HUGE!

You are ripe for a screwing.
Just think countersuit when you lose this one.

Like I said, they drew first blood.

We beat them both in the open market, and now we’re going to beat them both in court. They started it, we’ll finish it.

One simple question Nick. Where is the jurisprudence in the suit?
The mouthpiece you got is completely over his head on this one. He might be good on inspection issues. But not this one.
I read all the documents. And it is completely frivolous to me.

Friggin crickets. I think you should delete this thread and let it lie

Both of them owe InterNACHI millions of dollars and we aim to collect from them and put that money to good use for our members.

Bulls hit you’re Sue crazy.
Since I am a member at the moment. Will you tell me how much you make a year.
Since you are non profit I’m sure I can look it up.
Being a member of a nonprofit organization allows me to be able to view where the funds go. Correct yes or no?
I want to see the distribution of funds

Unlike other associations, we voluntarily publish our 990’s publicly at

Okay I’ll look at that however the question was how much did you make off a non-profit this year?

A lot more than I got paid each year of the first 15 years I worked here, which was $0.

I looked the 2015 return over and I have to ask…
Where did you fit into the $1,468,134 million dollars for salaries?
See attachment…
Full disclosure on nothing…
I am a member…Yep!

I can list them for you since 1996:


In all but the very first few years, I worked at least time and a half, and more than double time (80+ hours a week) in 2012.

In those 20 years we grew InterNACHI from $0 to this year where we are on course to bring in $8 million in 2016. And I suspect we’ll top $10 million in 2017. We have zero debt. I credit a really smart, hard-working staff for InterNACHI’s success. As you can see by NAHI’s recent demise, success was never guaranteed. I believe InterNACHI staffers built a strong trade organization for the inspection industry that will last 100 years. I know of no other trade association on earth that provides a higher value proposition to its members: and of course we were the first trade association (in any industry) to wrap the globe.

That is about what I figured… I’ll leave you alone for the moment if you provide me with a lifetime membership…Deal?:smiley:
I’ll be 64 yo this January and I have love the profession , but I like fishin’ better.
I probably won’t up my membership , I think this November…I just don’t need it anymore.
However, I’ll always be here for all those that have questions.

My phone is always ready to help those inspectors that are in need of a little help…Always.
I’m sure there are many new inspectors that I have called …just to let them know I’m here if they need me.