And Today's Award for Creative Wiring Goes To


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That is funny! LOL!

Wait what am I seeing this right…

And, is that a factory screw in the #1-3 two-pole disconnect? Or another bright idea from a D-I-Y wannabe?

It may be, David. I’ve seen them like that before over the years. At least the back fed breaker is held into place. :grin: :nerd_face: :cowboy_hat_face: :dizzy_face:

That one has a sticker identifying it as the Main Disconnect, Larry. A 100-amp variety.

Huh? What does that mean to you, David? My eyes aren’t so good. I don’t know if one can use a back fed breaker as the service disconnect, honestly. :thinking:

Lets see the pic with the cover OFF.

I wasn’t going any nearer the panel. The hand you see was one of the tenants, obviously on drugs, wanting to be helpful. There was so much clutter in front of the panel that he climbed over some of it from the left side to open the panel. (I never asked him to do so.) He had already grabbed up the other end of my tape as I was measuring the outside of the house, despite my decline of his offer to help. At one point, when he bent down to get under the deck, he clutched his belly, looked in my direction, and said, “You made me hurt myself!” I ignored him and he moved on. Everybody wants a Payday.
This is just one of many recommendations for the client.

As long as they have retention. That one looks fine to me, at least with the cover in place.

408.36(D) Back-Fed Devices. Plug-in-type overcurrent protection devices or plug-in type main lug assemblies that are backfed and used to terminate field-installed ungrounded supply conductors shall be secured in place by an additional fastener that requires other than a pull to release the device from the mounting means on the panel.

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Thanks, Marcel!

What a fine tape & float job too! LOL!!

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It’ll be fine once they get the wallpaper over it :flushed: