F'n Real Estate Agent

Did a termite and structural/mechanical on a 1980 POS today. I was there a total of 1 hour and six minutes when one of two Agent mutters: “you are taking so long, we should find another inspector”. I about hit the floor.

Anyway, I get my young, single, male buyer to the side and discover that neither Agent there represents him. Needless to say, we had a long, private discussion about the grading, foundation, electrical, plumbing, roof and heating issues, a talk about understanding the true costs involved with the repairs, and a referral for a good agent that will represent his interests. That stupid blurp just cost 3% if he chooses to go through with the deal. @#$%%^&&*!!

As I’m leaving the rude agent says: “so you have my email address to send the report to?”. “Oh yeah, I’ve got the email address” I say, winking to my client. :smiley: My client already instructed me not to send the report to anyone but him.

I was there 3 hours and the plumbers (doing hydrostatic), who were there before me, were still there when I left.:wink:

Anyway, thanks for the vent!

hang in there John…

Sounds like the agent was not looking out for the best interest of the client like you where. Hopefully the client after making his decision based on your findings can hire a agent that is looking for the clients best interest and not just a commission.

There are some really good agents working there butts off, really trying to help people, then there are one like the one you had bellyaching about the time you take to do your job and provide there/your client a detailed service.

Great job John, keep up the good work, I am sure your client will be glad they hired you. Maybe next time you will see the client with a new real estate agent.

I saw the title and thought your turret finger syndrome was coming out of remission.