After much digilent debileration and thought, I have decided, that in the best interests of my country, I declare myself to be a…


for the office of


of the





Happy Days Are Here Again!!!

Any questions???

Sorry, but you must have been born here to run, a nd you are from another planet.

Oh, yeah…Damn!!!

After due consideration, I have decided to withdraw my candidacy for President.

Now I’m running for Secretary of Transportation. I’ve got this neat spaceship we could use…

…except Ted Kennedy won’t be allowed to drive it home from the party…

Hey Jae …I’l be happy to vote for You …you can count on Me :wink: …I’ve been waiting for a quality candidate to come along and throw His hat in…thanks, …jim

I can’t–I wasn’t born here, you know.:frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

Have you all noticed that the good ones either can’t or won’t run–so we get what’s left to vote for/against/instead of…or something.

I’m not too sure Hillary is from this planet either, but it doesn’t seem to be stopping Her.:twisted: …go ahead take the plunge…really I’ll vote for ya


You get my vote Jae! you gonna play base?