Annual home maintenance

I was reviewing the requirements for the annual home maintenance Inspections and the SOPs for the annual home maintenance. I was attempting to find a prewritten agreement for the maintenance inspections. I might be blind but I cannot seem to find it listed.

Did you look thru here? I didn’t.

Yes I did. I might be blind though.

Annual Inspection Clauses isn’t really what I’m looking for and seems to be the only item on the list close to it.

Seems to me, for the amount of time you’ve probably futzed around looking for help/someone to donate theirs to you, you could have drafted or modified one on your own.
Just sayin’.

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My question is if you have successfully landed any annual maintenance customers yet? Most people I have heard comment on the topic have not had any success with it. I’ve advertised it a time or two and have it listed as a service I provide, but have yet to get a single call for it. Maybe it’s a regional thing though. :man_shrugging:


It was something I was planning on putting a small marketed budget to. Something that might be liked in my market as there are mandatory rental inspections by licensesed home inspectors.

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I tried marketing it a bit years ago and never got anywhere. It seems homeowners fall into two camps:

#1 Don’t know, don’t care, don’t want to know, bury their heads on the sand and bend over when something breaks.

#2 Super-meticulous and take really good care of their house but are generally on top of and aware of things and don’t really need us. Some actually might need us but are too proud or stubborn to ask/pay for it.


The only paid maintenance inspection I peforned was for a house that was VERY well maintained and the wife (and only the wife) was worried about some ceiling cracks. Honestly they did not really need one and a quick walkthrough would have sufficed. Apparently the neighbourhood was originally supposed to be connected to the nearby golf course so quality construction was the norm: I don’t think even a bomb would be able to take down their deck!

I find in addition to the Ostrich homeowners I suspect most people are worried about their privacy being invaded, or that we are planning on tipping off our burglar buddies. It is hard to change the mentality that I simply have no buddies :slight_smile: I offered plenty of free maintenance inspections when starting out and not one person took me up on my offer.