Annual Maintenance Inspections

I was thinking about starting to offer annual maintenance inspections for my clients and was wondering if anyone has a checklist of things that should be checked during the inspection. Of course things such as plumbing and cleaning gutters should be inspected but I know there is a lot more and I want to make sure I check everything that should be checked. Also, I was wondering about the best way to price these inspections. Any advise?

Just do your normal inspection to the standards of the Florida SOP at minimum.

My MAINTENANCE inspections were priced at 75% of a full buyer’s inspection. The reason why is because with a MAINTENANCE inspection I didn’t spend any time noting what the property was constructed with (concrete tile roof, stucco exterior, masonry chimney, copper plumbing, etc.). Since I didn’t have to take time making those notes and then conveying that information to my Client, I passed the time savings, translated into dollar bills, to my Client.

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Thank you, that was good advice.