Difference Between These Inspections

So what do you do differently on a Full Inspection vs a Yearly Maintenance Inspection ?

Discuss please


There should be no difference.

I don’t do them, but if I did, an annual maintenance inspection would not be redundant by reporting the model numbers/age of mechanical devices or describe the materials used for roofing, exterior siding, foundation, etc. each year.

An annual maintenance inspection would be limited to describe the condition of the particular systems and it would compare the present conditions to previous reports.

Thanks Gary and Jim, all good stuff, I would love to hear some other opinions. The reason I ask this is that I have been asked several times lately if I would do an annual maintenance/safety check up. So I am curious what that term really refers to. As Gary said I cant really see what the difference would be. By leaving something out in the inspection, I would think you are just doing a partial inspection and could omit the important defects (if any).


I feel as James says that you are (for the most part) reviewing a previous inspection, usually 1 year later, so you are addressing changes in conditions that have happened in the past year, both good and bad. Have the deficiencies from the original report been addressed? Are there new deficiencies? Are the major components aging correctly? And so on…

Hummm, kind of like what I was thinking of http://www.nachi.org/forum/f13/aging-place-emblem-59973/

I thought this was a new designation for “old” Full Time Inspectors like JB.


HAHA…so did I at first…