Annual Mileage

Just curious, I am wondering about how many miles y’all put on your vehicles each year? I figure I put down about 36K.

I average 30k.

About 20,000

What do you mean you put down about 36,000 miles. How many did you drive. I would like to see you explain to the IRS that you drove about that many miles. Whatever happened to keeping records

In all fairness, he did not specify mileage for the Inspection Biz** ONLY**!

As stated earlier,I put about 36000 miles on my truck over the last year. Of that I put about 32000 miles during inspections. I average 120 miles per day and I am working 5-6 days per week. Speaking of the IRS, I probably could deduct the full 36K because I have my truck lettered up. It is advertising.

Talk to your CPA first, don’t think when it comes to the IRS and make sure your CPA will go with you if you’re audited.
I used to put 60,000 a year on (I was young then and hungry) now I am down to 10-12,000 for business.

30,000 to 40,000 per year (per truck)
I also have 4 vehicles…

I have been crazy busy and I put no more than 15,000 miles in a year.

I have 3 trucks, one inspector put 30k on one last year, I put about 15k on one,

I average about 24K on each vehicle.