Another CE source


I am using them The courses are fun and informative. How do i input them into my log?


Upper right corner
Members Only Login…
enter username and Password
then enter courses to ur log

Go to your continuing education log, then click add credits at top, then where it says I’d like to submit a course I wasn’t given a code for: Fill in the blanks.

i tried it that way, and nothing is showing up…

Is there a hold period?or should i try again

Looks interesting.
There are quite a few other good sites too, so maybe we should start an education site referral thread .

I will add one for right now.

There was a page i found on Nachi somewhere with a big list of CEU

heres one i saved

Cool ,if it gets going just mark this under quick links as a subscribed thread.:slight_smile:
Here is yet another with many related courses.

Thanks Bruce!

Say thanks by adding to the list ,dude.

You need to fix that comma quirk…dude.

OK,whatever,you say.
That , is ,why ,I ,use ,a,checklist.